Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dream Your Dreams

I have walked the edges of shadow lands
Stood at the bridge between worlds many times
And each time I return just a little wiser
I grow in my own light, just a little brighter
I am a time traveler and a dreamer of dreams
I live and breathe right beside you smiling
Life incarnate can be hard sometimes
It can often seem to tear at your heart
But that's only the illusion waving a flag in your face
Dig deeper and reach higher dear souls
There is so much more to life than you know
Reach all the way in
Feel everything without
Embrace the light in its myriad facets
Drink in the depths of the emotion in this plane
Hear the voices and whispers through time
Dance with the images and sing haunting melodies
Know without a doubt that everything matters
Know without a doubt your love never leaves you
Understand you're beautiful extension from Source
Walk upright and look for your silver linings
Wonders and miracles great do await you
You need only consent to seeking the path
Walk with much courage, faith and self-love
Know that you are the eternal and infinite
Breathe in the peace and sparkling energy of existence
Journey on dear souls, dream your dreams

(c) 2011 (photo, copyright unknown)

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