Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wisdom from The Warrior of The Light

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite quotes from Paulo Coelho, The Warrior of Light.  Read these again and again and again until they sink in deep dear souls.  Have faith in yourselves and the greatest self-love you can possibly imagine.  Everything you do and think as well as say, matters.  The Spirit of Light is always watching and does see all.

A sword not last very long, but the Warrior of the Light must.

That is why he never allows himself to be deceived by his own abilities and therefore avoids being taken by surprise.  He gives each thing the value it deserves.  Often, when the Warrior is pondering grave matters, the devil whispers in his ear:  “Don’t worry about that, it’s not important.”  At others, when he is faced by the banalities, the devil says to him:  “You should pour all your energies into resolving this situation.”  The Warrior does not listen to what the devil is telling him: he is the master of his sword.

A Warrior of the Light is always vigilant.

He does not ask anyone else for permission to wield his sword; he simply takes it in his hands.  Nor does he waste time explaining his actions:  faithful to God’s decisions, he gives his answer in what he does.  He looks to either side of him and identifies his friends.  He looks behind him and identifies his opponents.  He is implacable with treachery, but he does not seek revenge; he merely drives away the enemies of his life, never fighting with them any longer than is necessary.  A Warrior does not try to appear one way or the other, he simply is.

A Warrior does not keep company with those who wish to harm him.  Nor is he seen in the company of those who want to “console” him.

He avoids anyone who is only by his side in the event of a defeat: these false friends want to prove that weakness is rewarded.  They always bring him bad news.  They always try to destroy the Warrior’s confidence, all under the cloak of “solidarity.”  When they see him wounded, they dissolve in tears, but, in their heart, they are happy because the Warrior has lost a battle.  They do not understand that this is part of the fight.  The true companions of a Warrior are beside him always, during the difficult times and the easy times.

At the beginning of his struggle, the Warrior of the Light stated: “I have dreams.”

After some years, he realizes that it is actually possible to reach his goal; he knows that he will be rewarded.  At that moment, he feels sad.  He knows about other people’s unhappiness, about the loneliness and frustration experienced by so much of humanity, and he does not believe that he deserves what he is about to receive.  His angel whispers:  “Give it all up.”  The Warrior kneels down and offers God his conquests.  That act of surrender forces the Warrior to stop asking foolish questions and helps him to overcome his feelings of guilt.

Each Warrior of the Light contains within him the spark of God.

His destiny is to be with other Warriors, but sometimes he will need to practice the art of the sword alone this is why:  when he is apart from his companions, he behaves like a star.  He lights up his allotted part of the Universe and tries to point out galaxies and worlds to all those who gaze up at the sky.  The Warrior’s persistence will soon be rewarded.  Gradually, other Warriors approach, and they join together to form constellations, each with their own symbols and mysteries.

Quote from Paulo Coelho, The Warrior of the Light.  Photo, random internet find.

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