Monday, February 16, 2009

Cool Rainy Monday

I woke up to the sound of the rain's steady cadence on the roof. I left the window open again and the sill was all wet. I beat the alarm so I sat up to turn it off, sat on the edge of the bed for a few seconds that seemed like minutes. I flipped on a light and I saw my reflection. I guess I didn't move much last night when I slept...I was shocked that I didn't see a horror in the mirror as I climbed out of bed.

I was grateful today that I was able to work from home. I was glad today was a school holiday so I could take care of my youngest. I was happy today that although I felt a bit lonely, there is someone out there in the world that I love and who loves me. I miss him terribly but he'll be home soon.

I went about my business this morning, warm coffee in hand, long thick terry robe that nearly hits the floor, comfy warm slippers and the sound of the rain still creating an interesting cadence but now I notice it's on the pavement below my living room windows. I looked outside and in the reflection from my window I can see water pooling everywhere.

I got ready for work (not one to work in my PJs when I'm at home) and plugged in my computer. I got the day done, often staring out the window watching the rain. At the end of my work day, with the sun still shining, I shut down my computer and drove a few blocks to the beach. I parked the car and walked to the edge of the cliffs. I stood there for a few minutes that felt like hours. The wind was so cold and I watched in awe at the sun's light reflecting off of the water. More storm clouds were coming in I noticed. I snapped the picture attached and just stood there in silent contemplation.

The sky looked amazing but nothing can distract me for long it seems. I'm missing someone, thinking about the future, tomorrow, yesterday. So many things on my mind just now but one more than anything...someone, that is. The chill surrounding me seemed to be growing right through my skin right down to the bone so I slowly walked back to my car. Where ever he is, he's got my heart...I won't rest easy again until he's home. I headed back home listening to a favorite song. A peaceful and uneventful Monday. I like those. I like them a lot.

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  1. Three or four blocks from the beach is an awesome place to be. I think I'd have to go there everyday.