Saturday, August 1, 2015

So It's Over. Now What? - Are You Struggling with the End of a Relationship?

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Relationships are a very important aspect of our existence here on Earth and one of our greatest sources for learning.  Unfortunately, no one teaches us in advance what to do when that perfect seeming relationship ends or needs to.  Well, I thought about that quite a long time and then decided to write this book.  My intent is to help others better understand relationships, their own feelings as well as the life lessons they truly intended to learn through relationships.  I wanted to share with you an excerpt from one of my latest books.  Read on.  If it piques your interest, click the link under the picture above.  I'm offering all of my books half off right now.  The money isn't the key importance for me in my work at this time.  It is getting messages out there to help people learn, grow and love their lives more.  So, then...on with the excerpt.  I hope you enjoy it.  
This book is about relationship endings and emotions, effects and thoughts that follow along with some suggestions for what to do and think as well as what not to do and think if you are interested in healing and moving on following the ending of a relationship.  This book is intended to be a toolbox of bits and pieces of information that might help you view your situation a little bit differently.  We’ve all known pain and heartbreak when a relationship ends.  It’s horrible, it’s awful; it’s so very final and uncomfortable.  But there can also be joy, serenity, opportunity, adventure and discovery.  It’s all in how you choose to look at it.
In my book, Changing Perspectives – The Journey is the Destination, I wrote about changing your perspective so that you might change your outlook on life generally by pointing out that what you perceive in a certain way may not actually be the truth.  This is ultimately a good thing no matter whether you stand on the positive or negative side of the line.  This book is not all that different in concept.  However, the concepts in that book are applied here specifically to dealing with the ending of romantic relationships.  This book is about taking a cold, hard look at where you’ve been, how you got there and now, what you can do about it to move through to healing and avoid repeating the same “lessons” (and that doesn’t mean never getting involved again).  On that note, don’t let any man or woman shut your heart down forever more!  That wasn’t the role they intended to play in your life and you can be afraid and run away, you can blame and deny OR, you can take a look at the relationship or all of the relationships in your past, see what you did, how you reacted and what your goals were and determine what works for you and doesn’t going forward.
So, who am I and how in the world am I qualified to write a book on endings of relationships?   Well, I’m just like you.  I have lived, I have loved and I have lost….many times over.  I am not in a 30-year marriage with no relationship or dating experience preaching to you about how you have to compromise everything for the sake of a relationship.  I’ve been married a few times so I’m definitely clear on the “what does and doesn’t work” department.  I have had the unique experience of listening to the stories of my clients, paying attention to the news, analyzing information received from all six senses (and yes, there is a sixth sense) and I have failed miserably so many times personally by ignoring lessons I only now understand.  I’m not a relationship expert but I do have a unique perspective on a good number of things and a very strong desire to help people grasp life lessons and turn the negatives into positives in that specific arena. 
Because I’m like you, I know a measure of what you feel, I know the physical pain of endings and I also know that pain in this area is nothing to fear because you can move on and do so in a healthy way.  I am a reverend, an intuitive and spiritual counselor and even though you don’t know me from Adam, I happen to care about you and your growth here on Earth.  I’d like to help set out a little bit of a road map that might shed some light for you on your journey.
One of the things I have learned in my travels of life here on Earth is that at the end of a relationship, we have a very unique opportunity to explore the whole of ourselves.  We get to learn about what we wanted consciously, projected unconsciously, what we actually had, what worked for us and what didn’t, and what we compromised on too much or didn’t enough.  We also can see where we held blame and denial instead of unconditional love. 
If it’s over now and you find yourself alone, please know that it is definitely not a fate worse than death to be alone, it is not horrible to be alone and since you cannot predict with 100 percent certainty you’ll only ever be alone, there is no use in wallowing in bad feelings indefinitely.  So, grab yourself a beverage, find a comfy spot to sit down and let’s talk for a bit and see what we can do about your current situation.  I’m willing to bet we can find something for you to work with to get you out of any “feeling sorry for yourself” modes of existence and get you into thinking about opportunities…and maybe, just maybe, we can get you right back out there and drawing to you the right man or woman to have an even better relationship experience with the next time around.
Before we go on, let me just say this, I wish you much love and healing on this journey of endings.  I’m willing to bet you will look back on this time one day and see it for the beautiful beginning it truly was or is.  May your God or Goddess be with you and comfort you at this most precious and truly beautiful time in your life.

If after reading this you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.  I'm also a Metaphysical Counselor and Life Coach if you're interested in working more one on one.  You can email me at  You can check out my biography by Clicking Here:  Biography.



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