Monday, August 31, 2015

Solar Return in Gratitude

One more turn
At the wheel of life
And so we go,
Each of us
On our own journeys
 Some in resonance
And some in dissonance
But each goes perfectly regardless 

Life is never without
Its ups and downs
But it is you who determines
The depths of the pain
Or the heights of elation 
Choose wisely my friends
For life is very much like the microcosm
Represented in this play we assume roles in here 

It's a great place in which
We endeavor to learn
Both inside and outside
The various firewalls
We create in his place
But what about the next and the next? 

So much have we to contemplate
But let us never forget
To enjoy the comfort of friendship
Or to ignore the disdain of the toxic
Life lesson teachers. 

Everything can be perfect
I dare say it is perfect
Even if it takes us
Our hindsight to see it
Much further down the road 

I thank you my friends
And my enemies alike
For it is your love
And your hatred
Two sides - same coin
That has taught me
All of these years past
And that will continue
In the years to come 
I am infinitely grateful
For your presence
In Gratitude and may you be
Forever blessed…

© 2015 Jaie Hart (Photo/words)

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