Saturday, August 15, 2015

Random Thoughts Over Coffee

GoldentreeJaieHart copyThe sun is creeping up behind the buildings across the way while the birds are sweetly singing. A beautiful summer morning to behold yet again, I think silently sipping my coffee. So, why is this nagging trepidation settling in over my soul? The Earth has felt so hot, scorched to the point the grass is dying, the flowers are gone and well established trees now struggle to live in my part of the world. How long before people truly begin to realize we’ve taken Her for granted. By Her I speak of our beautiful Mother Earth. Without her, we could not live. She gives us water to drink, supplies from which we build our shelters, our businesses, our automobiles and trains and all the stuff that make up the comforts of our lives. All of this life we have teaming around us includes that which we have been so generously and benevolently given and yet all we seem to do is take – take and consume – and take some more. I am not innocent. I too must learn. But I see and feel and now I write.

As I sit here with my thoughts I have to ask, have we taken now too much without sufficient effort to replenish? Is this what we are seeing all over the world or is it simply some random cyclical journey we have yet to fully realize because no race before has lived for as long? It doesn’t take much now to notice the civilizations that came before or the realization that they were a bit more civilized than we may have given them credit for. Their technology potentially by far more advanced in some ways that we just can’t quite even figure out yet. Maybe they too ran into a cyclical cataclysm of unstoppable events that began with them and we to will met our end as did they.

Maybe that is yet our future too and one-day strangers sifting through our ruins will wonder about what we thought important as artifact after artifact is pulled from the rubble. But what about right now? Do we have to live so carelessly? I witness the wrong decisions time and time again if there is any objective of sustainability of the populations to come on this planet. We have technology but refuse to use it and instead we favor the limited sources that grow in value as their stores diminish. Is that the point? Is that really best that humanity can come up with? Will we tire and deplete Her resources to the point there is no turning back? We already have in some places. We have destroyed that which cannot be immediately repaired, replaced or in other ways, brought back. Is it already too late for us and have we robbed our children of tomorrows without even comprehending how? We refused to listen to those hippie environmental kooks who couldn’t possibly know anything right?

How do we get the population to care more about future sustainability than a buck to fleetingly feed or entertain you to ease your boredom for just a moment when you are destroying lands and ecologies that could have fed yet for lifetimes? Those hippie Kooks should have been listened to from the beginning if you ask me. Their hearts were not motivated by greed but by love for the very land we walk upon. We must find a reason to care. Like it or not, we are in this together. We can remain divided on causes and solutions. We can pursue the mighty dollar over humanity and nature and in the end we’ll all just die any way so what does it matter? It matters right now, it will matter for those who come after. We cannot hate or deter those who destroy and do only what they know how to do as their fathers had done. We can only attempt to peaceably teach or we become them in other ways we would not truly wish to be.

I listen now to the birds singing happily in the trees outside. Beautiful life giving trees, old, beautiful still and thirsty. They thirst. We thirst. All of life matters…our trees and plants, humanity – we are all part of life and we all matter. Let us find ways to coexist without doing harm, with a sense of pride in preservation of nature, of life and let us endeavor to create more sustainable existence for ourselves now and for those who will follow. This isn’t just our Earth after all. It belongs to the children of our children’s children. We must think not just of ourselves in these matters or there will be no place for them in the future and that would be tragic. If you care, find a way to get involved – support no fracking, support planting trees, support solar energy, support alternative modes of transportation when you can, strive to make even a small effort to leave a smaller foot print. Every single effort you consciously take matters. Thank you for listening. I love this Earth and I care about humanity. I have every faith that we can do by far much better than what we have done. I want to believe in a brighter tomorrow and that there will be a land that our children’s children will enjoy laughing and playing upon as well as thrive. Maybe it is a silly dream but it is real and I’ll never give up on it. No. Not ever.

© 2015 Jaie Hart

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