Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Loving Flow

When we find something or someone good, we tend to want to hold on to it or them forever.  But is forever meant to be for you, the thing or the person?  In rare cases, the answer may be yes but more than likely the majority of the time the answer is no.  It seems unfair doesn’t it?  I mean, why can’t we have everything we want, the way we want it without change?  Well, here is the funny thing about this thought.  We invite things and people into our sphere for a specific purpose.  Once that purpose has been fulfilled, it’s sometimes best to let go and relax into any change that begins to occur. 

I know how hard this is.  It’s so much easier when things stay exactly as they are and nothing changes.  The only thing wrong with that is that everything changes.  Even you, right now are changing.  Your cells are dividing, replicating, repairing and doing all sorts of things they were programmed to do.  You are never the same and are never in the same place (think cosmologically).  So, how can we seek security in holding on to people or things and expect things not to change without great suffering on someone’s part and primarily your own?  Honestly, we can’t.  It’s quite impossible without creating pain or usurping free will in some cases.

Situations, things and people will come and go in your life and it’s okay.  It’s okay to feel angry and sad when forced to let go but let go anyway and know that it is perfectly okay to grieve.  Know that no matter what it is that occurs in your life, there is a silver lining in it and it will primarily come about in your eventual understanding.  Think back across the span of the life you have lived up to this point.  Is there really not one shred of a silver lining you can find in letting someone or something go?  Sometimes we need to change things for our own growth.  Sometimes we need to allow change for the growth of others.

What if we could find security in change knowing that no matter what the body faces or what the thoughts we think or the emotions we create as a result that we were going to be okay?  Would that not help us live with a little less suffering?  If we could but try, we may find ourselves living a much more peaceful existence.  You cannot trap a thing into a state of no change.  You cannot trap a person into your life who is finished with their learning and must move on for their higher good.  Sometimes, the most loving thing for you to do for yourself is to let go realizing not everything in this world is about you.  Sometimes the things that you encounter have more to do with another.  Whatever it is and regardless of which side of the lesson you stand on, realize it’s a lesson in growth.  It is what we came here to do in part.

Count on change not as an enemy but a friend.  Count on those who are the impetus of change not as adversaries but as friends (even if well disguised).  Change and the people or situations that create change for us when we are unwilling to create that change for ourselves are actually doing us a great service even if we can’t see.  So, wish no ill, hold no regret, hold no thoughts of anger or vengeance, just love yourself through the change that comes and let the rest unfold as it will.  In time and with introspection, understanding will come.  You will come to uncover the truth of a thing, a situation or even a person’s presence or lack there of if and only if you are willing.

Life can be hard but you, you are strong, resourceful and amazing.  You can learn to find comfort in change and let the emotions work themselves out without taking action to stop change from occurring.  I think of this aspect of life like a living moving stream of water.  It flows as it will.  If it is dammed, it builds up pressure until it overflows what blocks it.  If it changes direction, it doesn’t try to go back, it just flows in its new direction.  You can learn this too and with some practice you too can learn to go with the flow, relax and find meaning and purpose even if it’s hard.  Don’t be afraid.  Just breathe.  Take one loving step after another on this beautiful Earth and know everything happens for a good reason even if it doesn’t feel good or even if you don’t understand. ~Blessings of perfect loving flow.

(photo, fortunate random internet find)

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