Saturday, January 25, 2014


Wispy clouds float like angel wings

Across the sky so vast and deep blue

Warm rays flow to the Earth as she spins

Life is bustling and beaming energy bright

And I, caught in this moment enchanted

Dreams and desires clamor for focus

I smile observing everything as I go

Finding this moment of disconnected connection

Strange and curious even if a bit serious

Back to the flutter my attention now goes

One backward glance of my week of struggling

To understand all this maneuvering and juggling

And I feel it there, a twinge of stress at my core

A deep breath in as I watch the last leaves falling

Knowing I could let the wind blow away these memories

I decide to return to my former state

Embrace the curiosity of life as it unfolds

Wondering why it becomes hard to remain ever present

When this moment of presence is filled with pure wonder

This Essence, it’s Source, much sweeter than anything

I smile again reaching higher and farther

Watching a gull on the wing of another

And catching up still is yet another

Life goes on each moment by moment

And we choose how we will then too

© 2014 Jaie Hart (photo/words) 

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