Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Healing Peace

My soul lies bare
No skin left to speak of
No fear or worry
But I feel it
Not just it but everything
Mankind’s blows find purchase in my soul
And I feel that too
Not as an intended wound
Or even a slight against me personally
But I feel it as the depth of pain
They sink themselves into deeper and deeper
With every blow carelessly thrown
How little we know the wounds we give
Are the wounds we take into our souls
Likewise, the love we give
Is the love we make for ourselves in great abundance
And that love can heal all...everything
If but given a chance
Just one single chance
I won’t fight them
I won’t stand in their way
Free will dictates I let them be as they are
To live, to learn and maybe in some lifetime to grow
And so I and my soul go on
Looking for rainbows, starlight and moonlight as solace
The balm my soul craves
The infinite
The emptiness
The healing peace

(Photo is not mine but a fortunate internet find)

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