Saturday, October 26, 2013

You'll Know

Oh the words mankind must speak
In order to satisfy the hunger of the ego
Exacting intentions to stir up emotion
Giving sway to a temporary high from tasting
A single egotistical victory
If only they knew how they blocked their own love
In this tiresome and toxic most unforgiving endeavor
But there are those within this group
Who will begin to understand
A slip or twist and a shift in thought
Then questioning self motivation may follow
A twinkle of light, like glitter falling on a dark moonlit night
If they keep searching those sparks
They'll ultimately find light
And not somewhere outside themselves to steal
But deep inside the well of their beings
It can be and will be
Even if it takes hundreds of thousands of years
Fear not when you meet these souls
Pity not their predicament
Focus with knowing compassion
That they'll one day find the light
And be grateful first and foremost
That you've found your own light to shine
On darkened pathways that others may follow
Without any actions at all on your part
The goal was never to save this world
For the fate of this world has been set on its path
The goal is to understand your place now here in it
To live, to experience and uncover your own truth
The Source within you is always there with you
Putting forth feeling as words of love and encouragement
You must listen hard and long sometimes
But you'll hear it and know
You'll know

(c) Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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