Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mending Broken Fences

So, a soul I put into my past (even though I know we are always and ever connected in the whole of existence) wishes to "mend fences" with me.  For me, there is nothing to mend.  The broken fences were all an illusion.  This I understand.  Another thing I sadly understand is that  the illusions that created the seemingly broken fences still to this day are very active in this individual’s life which really obscures any form of true love.  As such, I cannot physically mend broken fences that do not exist and restore a loving connection in the physical that never was. 

There are no fences.  We exist in the same time-space continuum.  I send  love, I wish every happiness but I will never again in this physical lifetime participate in the illusions this soul is so fond of weaving, particularly with me.  I wish things were different but in the soul of my being I know they are not.  This soul wants to mend fences and that shows me still the illusions exist.  What the connected part of my soul tells me is that what this soul wants is more opportunity for psychological manipulation, someone to mirror the pain with or maybe even an apology from me which I have already given.  Maybe this soul wishes to apologize.  But there is nothing to forgive or apologize for.  Illusion is as illusion does.  It weaves and obscures reality and worse, love.  The only thing that is real to me is love.  And when that feeling concerning this soul who says outwardly they wish to mend fences resonates as the light of truth within me not by words alone, I’ll know it and I’ll know then and only then we might converse in the light of love where there are no fences broken or otherwise.  

Whether that is here in the physical or somewhere in the ethereal, it makes no difference to me.  All is truly in perfect order in this universe always.  There are no broken fences.  There IS only love.

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