Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mer de Noms

Not to be confused with the title of an album by one of my favorite groups (A Perfect Circle) but the title above does nicely address in meaning my thoughts this morning.  Back to the 1400's the following sea of names (mer de noms) represent a genetic line from which I descend in one form or another:

Adair, Adams, Bennett, Bobbit, Brown, Carter, Dalton, Danforth, Durnel, Fredrickson,  Goad, Green, Haug, Hunt, Jennings, Jensen, Lane, Lowe, Minott, Nester, Nielson, Nelson, Nilsson, Page, Paige, Penrod, Phillips, Pollard, Rasumussen, Rulle, Smith-Paige, strudivant, Syckerling, Talbot, Thorpe, Vancel, Wheeler, Whipple, Whitecliff, Williams.

In my explorations I have disregarded family recollection (with all due respect, of course) and learned through my matrilineal genticaly tested line, all that I am physically in this body I owe to many souls from the following amazing places that span back some 50,000 years and more:

Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Syrian Arab Republic, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And this, this is just the matrilineal line.  I need my brother's help to get the patrilineal line (oh, Ronnie...need some help bro and I'll explain later).  I looked at the results over and over again and I realized something.  Aside from being a genetic Heinz 57, the thought occurred to me that at some point, we are all going to be one race.  Now, before you let that upset you, consider this...the strongest do survive and so we, as the human race, represent the strength and wonder collectively and genetically attained from many cultures and even back beyond the concept of division via culture.  My blood is not pure in a single genetic sense for sure.  Mine is vast on at least one side.  I cannot wait to see the other but expect it might look similar to the above.  Fascinatingly, we trace back in time 50,000 years to EVE.  A genetic reference to a soul somewhere in Africa one of many alive at the time but this is my lineage and I find it fascinating.  As many cultures join, we create an even greater strength of physical existence I think.  Looking at my own mixed blood, I cannot ever even imagine any form of prejudice against race or place on the planet.  I begin to see how I am one with all of these cultures and I'm only part of the way through my curious explorations.

People are people no matter where they come from and no matter what their genetic composition is.  To think one greater than the rest, to me, is insanity.  I find great curiosity about all the cultures from which I am proud to descend and plan to do much more research.  I didn't need convincing that multi-cultural wasn't a bad thing.  It's something I've always felt.  I expect as I travel further through my genetic heritage and geographic origins, there are even more cultures I am likely to find I am part of.  It makes me smile to know that these cultures from which I descend are rich and wonderful with differences, lessons, ancient knowledge, ritual and more.  I'm excited to engage in this little genetic and geographical origins venture to learn even more.  We are all one in more ways than one.  In my discoveries I not only smile and take pride in my own cultures but all cultures on Earth and all they bring to the table in the present.  I'm grateful to be a citizen of Earth and related to so many from so far back in history. ~Blessings of gratitude for all cultures, love for all cultures and hope that all cultures unite in the brotherhood of man (and woman) - kind.

(c) Jaie Hart (photo generated from

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