Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Art of Letting Go

Letting go is an art that takes quite some time to master.  Throughout the whole of our lives we must let go in order to grow.  We must let go of toys in our youth, people from school, loved ones and friends who move on.  We cannot hold onto everything as if it is exclusively ours forever.  To do so may actually hurt or hinder the progress of another soul on his or her journey.  

We often feel that in the process of letting go, we are losing something of vital importance.  Not so, really.  When you learn the art of letting go, you can let go because you have enabled yourself through great learning, trial and error to step back from the locality intensity of emotions and see instead the bigger picture of the scheme and plan for your life or the lives of others.  When this occurs, the letting go is often a precious gift you give in love and not always in dire desperation.  Sometimes the latter is the impetus too but even that can be a loving example of how to love you.   

So, when next you are called to let go, despite the pain, the change and the difficulty you face, know that you will lose nothing that you are not also gaining in some other measure or way.  It is hard in an emotional moment of change to embrace this concept and one must let the emotions they feel are necessary to run their natural course and then heal.  But, learning the art of detachment with love – of letting go is a gift you not only allow yourself to have but one you give to others.  ~Blessings of great love and infinite understanding beautiful dreamers.

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  1. I think when we let go, we set a prisoner within ourselves free...