Sunday, January 13, 2013

Accountability Affirmation:

Always must I be, responsible for me
If I make you accountable for how I feel
I have left myself bare, weak and powerless in this world
What a woeful world view would I hold then
There is no soul who can make me feel anything I do not wish to feel
I consent to all I feel
I may have mere seconds in which to make that choice
But always will I pray for greater conscious awareness to afford myself
Those few precious moments of realization to choose other than negativity and pain
It is impossible without practice and practice does bring improvement
Improvement is my goal as I am perfectly imperfect here incarnate
I vow to strive to choose wisely in all of my endeavors including my thoughts
Especially my thoughts, to face my wrongs and put them right
To challenge myself when I think I am victimized
Or when someone else is to blame for my misfortune
I wish to lead a Source-directed life focused on growth and true universal understanding
Walking in darkness is no longer acceptable to me
Therefore, I shall have to cultivate my own inner light
So that no matter where it is I might walk
I will always have sufficient light to see and to guide me
I believe in me and the light that always lets me see

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (Photo, random internet find)

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