Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mirrors and Shadows

Mirrors and shadows abound
What do your reflections hold for you?
Do shadowy images make you fearful?
Does embracing your light make your more so?
Have you ever stopped to consider why?
Some fearful lesson has constricted your breathing
And so there you hold yourself for eternity
It is unreal, you know
An illusion created with your own mind
Whatever is happening may in fact be happening
But the source is illusion
You called it to you
Because you wanted to understand you
When shadows fall be courageous
You always have a light inside
And if you allow it
It will clear your path of illusion
Illuminate your unknowing mind
And rest you peacefully in this world
More self-assured of your path and your destiny
Remember that mirrors do refelct
But they also distort
Do not use them to confirm nor dispell anything
Observe and only hold awareness of the reflections
You are greater than you realize
Step back and let it be so

(c) October 2011, Jaie Hart (photo random internet find)


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