Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Light Moments of Bliss

I watched a satelite crawl across the sky tonight and I let my consciousness go with it. I drifted on a sea of stars amazed at the view below. So many hurrying about with something important to do or some place to go. Not me, I've got no place to go and that thought thrills me to no end in this moment, this rare precious moment of pure light, peace and bliss. The journey of life can be a challenge and one that takes all of your mental faculties and energy to manage. Some days we do well and some days we don't. In the end, however, it truly is the thought that counts and what, in fact, you've done with those thoughts.

Restless to soar, I let those thoughts go. I'm off to traverse the milkyway and watch the starlight from the myriad of galaxies I have to choose from. Or, maybe I'll chose not to expand but rather go within for a time. I have many things to ponder just now about life and love and everything in between. My head tingles at the thought of processing life lessons. There is beauty and magic to be had in experience here in the Earth school. Its not so serious although it can seem infinitely so at times. I laugh as I think about it. It's my dream any way so I think I'm going to rearrange a few things. I'll not share it as the warrior of light must keep a piece of his dreams to himself as the energy is most appropriately needed to manifest said dream. (Thanks Mr. Coelho for that juicy bit of wisdom). I like it so shall make it my own.

Oh if I could tell you the joy of this moment. You'd not believe how I got here. It wasn't easy. In fact, it was damn hard. But, worth it...it was...every breath, every step, every dream, every memory from every life until this very moment. As I think back I see the glow of love and how it permeates everything in existence. You may think I've snapped a bit and perhaps I have but it makes no difference to me. I'm free. My thouhts are free. My love flows free. My light is free. I'm grateful to me and to the dear sweet treasures of light beings who were some how able to make me see. Thank you for that dear ones...from the center of my soul, I love you so.

Don't worry so much about the drama that plays for you in this dream of life.  Yes, there are wicked and evil things and seemingly, people to contend with in this world and at some point in your lives you will have to face it or them. But, you have everything you need and the grace from Source directly to help you make your way...to help you make sense of it all one day. All you have to do is show up fully present and wholly accountable in your own life to get there.  Sweet dreams beautiful dreamers and much love and light.

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