Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Most Powerful Tools in the Universe

There are things in this universe more powerful than any device, machine or manufactured energetic reaction. There are certain tools that are so simply at our disposal that actually are the most powerful tools in this universe. Do you want to know what the most powerful tools in the universe are? They won't cost you a single dime, in fact, they aren't for sale.  You won't have to study under some institution or guide for months and years to get them.  You won't have to search with maps for this treasure because they don't exist any where you might physically look for them.  Although you could try with all of your might to imagine them to manifest them in great abundance, you'll never touch them using any old laws or secrets.  Language sometimes misconstrues or obscures the truth and understanding is often twisted on purpose and sometimes this can greatly limit understanding but the truth is, the real truth is that you already own these tools within you and you cannot wield them improperly if you truly understand them. Are you ready? Okay, here they are:

1. Love
2. Honor
3. Honesty
4. Authenticity
5. Truth
6. Respect
7. Integrity

In all of your dealings, in all of your thoughts and all of your interactions, hold only yourself to these tools.  Judge no one, not even you by these tools. See everything and everyone through the eyes of love (even see yourself only through the eyes of love).   Honor every soul as a divine being part of the One that we all are (this means also honoring yourself).  Seek and speak only the truth and do it with your heart and honesty (but never brutally so).  Hold respect for yourself and every soul as the divine souls we all are.  We are One, hold yourself and your behavior to the highest integrity. Don't worry about what anyone else does or says...just focus you and your behavior on these things and you will render the fear machine's attempts to scare you into giving away your energy and power, useless. These are the most powerful and amazing tools in the universe. Use them wisely and often dear souls and watch your lives change for the better! ~Blessings of love and light dear souls!

(photo was a random internet find.  I do not hold the copyright on that).

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