Saturday, September 24, 2011

Emotion and Creation

We live our lives day to day not giving much thought to the undercurrent of emotion that pulses within us.  If the emotion is light, happy and satisfied, life is good and we create, even unconsciously, nothing but good things.  However, if the emotion is dark, heavy and sad because of unhealed trauma and pain from any point of our current existence, life doesn't feel good at all and we unconsciously create nothing but more pain and negativity in our lives.  Most often, in this particular state, we manifest people - actors in our play - that will come along and help us expose the core of that painful emotion.  We're so amazing in our design that we don't even know that we do this, but we assured.  Those people that enter the scenes of our lives that seem to know where every single goat is tied up or where every hidden button resides are not there simply to drive you mad.  I know at times it seems like they are just vexatious spirits hell bent on your destruction.  But, the reality is, they are beautiful message bearers.  If you quickly pick up on this fact, you'll stop flailing at them outside of yourselves and dive deep within where the core matter lies.  You'll take a look not at what horrible thing you must have done to be punished so by trying souls but you'll begin to look for the things within you that sent up the beacon of light that called them to you for a dance at certain times in your life.  Maybe the tune of the beat unconsciously is off key and out of time, but dance you will...over and over again until you truly begin to understand the reason and purpose that some souls have in exercising your inner demons.

It all boils down to healing and this simple fact:  "What you focus on, you create."  This is a little known fact of life that we'd all do better to try to understand.  If our focus is negative, distrusting and angry over events that happened in our lives that create pain, guess who you are going to call to you...yes, someone to help you expose and uncover those hidden wounds.  Those hidden wounds can be brought to light not to make you feel bad but to understand why they exist at all and give you an opportunity to both understand and then begin to transcend the pain.  Healing then can enter your soul and restore a more centered and balanced disposition.  If you're still unconsciously creating then, at least you won't be creating terrible and frightening situations. If you take it one step further and realize that you do have the power to consciously create and manifest abundance and love in your lives, you can begin to practice that and over time you'll notice the mirrors in souls who enter the scene in a positive light.

The reality is that it is all positive when you can step away from emotion.  It's all a matter of perspective and perception.  We choose how we will see the world and it's inhabitants that we choose to interact with. We set the stage, direct, cast and act in our own plays every day.  So, why not put some time and attention into striving to feel good or at least balanced and then consciously create?  It's not that hard.  Think back, for a moment, to your days of youth...remember your imagination...that is the space you want to start in...visualize what you want to draw to you and let yourself feel the emotion of receiving what you visualize.  Do this as often as you can and feel really good about what you see.  You are so divinely powerful but you just don't realize that.  This is something we are not taught.  In fact, we are taught the opposite.  So, if you don't like what you have created in this life and you are stuck in a place where you spill your power out in every direction through blame and dishonesty with self, it is going to be very hard for you to attract positive and loving things in your life.  However, if you take back your power through accountability and positive and loving thoughts, you will soon be amazed by what you can create.

This is your life and like a good friend of mine has often said, "You are the captain of your ship and the master of your own destiny."  So, get out there and create in the positive, love yourselves, open your minds and hearts to new thought and start heading in a more positive direction with your emotions.  Small changes can have big impact for you.  Much love and light, dear souls.  Remember, the journey is the destination.

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