Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dreaming Awake

The meadow is warm
Yellow and now purple flowers
As far as the eyes can see
Familiar places
Memories begin to swirl
Blue birds sweetly singing
Conscious thought stretched far and wide
Feeling every drop of existence
From deep within my core
Frenetically peaceful esscence
Runs through the heart of me
But I make no effort to move
It is time now to stand still
Dreamers dreaming, I feel their call
Sleepy awakening, I feel them too
The ones still mired in foggy darkness
The ones standing tall in the light
We are all one
Both here and elsewhere
But most of us just don't know it
Although I am dreaming
Right here in this moment
I'm acutely aware of awakening
The mixed emotions it brings
The joy that this concept brings
And I float on the breeze
And am witness to amazing things
The universe stretched out in my hands
I smile from inside
Despite the torrent of emotion
Even though the dream goes on
I treasure these moments
And visions
And love

(c) 9/1/11 Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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