Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beyond the Beginning

Beyond the Beginning is an excerpt from my work in progress, Expanding Horizons.  I hope you enjoy.  It's coming along...a few more chapters to write and then the editing begins.  Now, on with that excerpt:

So, the last chapter is where my journey began and now I will move forward quickly twenty years later and tell you what I’ve seen.  In all that I’ve seen and experienced, I’ve come to many realizations but one in particular stands out the most.  Just the other day, I went out for a walk in the middle of the day.  It was unbearably hot and the skies were blue in beautiful California.  I noticed the trees, the clouds in the sky, the birds sweetly singing and I thought, “Every single era, at every time in the world a soul of some sort has walked and begun to realize that we all live, breathe but a moment and die.”  Not to sound bleak or disheartened because from the heart of my travels, I am far from that, but in every time in existences, some spiritual traveler has realized that many souls have walked this Earth before him or her and many souls will walk this Earth after.  We are not special or different than they were in the beginning.  We have the crosses of our time’s evolution to bear…the gifts and curses, the hopes and dreams, the desires and conflicts and what for?  Why does any of it ever even matter anyway?  It matters much.  Just not for the reasons you think. 

The whole goal of life is to come to a place where you move beyond the superficial and material, to grow beyond a micro focus on your own tiny orbiting physical human universe and stretch beyond the stars in your own realm.  Only when the mind, heart, spirit and soul align in truth and in love do you begin to even scratch the surface of the importance of life and yet, at the same time, the insignificance of all those things we think are so important.  We sacrifice so much to save face and do little to save this planet for our children or our children’s children.  We pay for our selfishness with experiences of tyranny and tragedy, theories and machinations that only represent proof positive that all we see is a mere illusion of progress…and illusion of a created existence that is here only because we wish it to be.  Nothing more.  That’s all there is folks.  It sounds so melodramatic and even a bit sad but if you look well below the surface of those thoughts, therein lies an amazing beauty…If life is an illusion, who controls the scenes and the actors or props?  Who sets this stage of life?  Who writes the scripts and gives out the parts?  Who decides who auditions?  Who decides to sell tickets?  Who decides just to observe and be entertained?  Who, I ask you?  Do you know?  Would you really want to know the truth?  Would you even believe it if I told you?  Probably not so I’ll just say it…It’s you.  It’s your design.  You do it so beautifully too.

Every word, every scene and every act perfect and the points and morals or realizations, well, now therein lies the magic and then again, more questions maybe?  How?  How do we create this illusion?  I can offer you seekers no compelling evidence or story to tell to soak up and own there as truth.  Each seeker must find his or her own way.  Each actor must learn his or her role in the play and realize the play and its meaning and then you begin to understand why you created it and how.  The illusion, that very word, doesn’t in function like you’ve been taught.  The illusion is something more…it’s love at the core, it’s love that drives you to live and learn and the whole time.  For most of your lives you deny yourself the one thing that created you and that you created your role and your play for…love.  To learn about it’s magic, power and all of its facets you create the drama, the scenes and then enters the freewill of other actors writing their own plays learning about love in their own way and your scenes end up juxtaposed and either elation of frustration ensues.   

When I look back now at what I have created, I laugh.  I laugh because I took it all so very seriously.  I was a mere actress in a soap opera that I wrote, directed and acted in without consciously realizing that the scenes were mine, the emotions they elicited from all of the other actors were an attempt to teach myself to remember who and what I really was and hopefully in the process, teach others to remember who and what they really were and none of us necessarily became the wiser for our efforts because we were so mired in our own egos…the play went on with a thick red curtain of very strong ego blocking the full extent of this magical play called life.

The realization sent me back into the land of nowhere, seeking resonance with all that was…trees, plants, flowers, the skies, the mountains, the meadows, oh yes, the meadows…the oceans and more.  Then, I went back through all of my human to human experiences and can now suddenly recall the scenes as I called them to me to play.  Now I’m really laughing but with a distinct difference.  I now have an idea of what and who I shall call to my play next and what it will be about.  I shall leave the old ideas and concepts of basic life lessons and seek to grow beyond my wildest imagination for no other reason than the simple enjoyment of this play we call life.  I will exist in all realms now no longer limited by time in my own mind because I have realized what illusions and limits mean.  I would love to tell you about it in detail but rather I’ll finish with the concepts in this book.  I have met souls that told me the truth outright and I stood there with glazed eyes not understanding a word of the gibberish those amazing souls were speaking straight to my heart.  I am learning now and as such, I cannot give away the secret but I can turn the light on in dark corners for you to find your own way in whatever way calls to you and I hope that you enjoy the process.  Every soul comes to find his or her place in this life and you will find yours.  Just do this one thing…keep an open heart and keep the ego from making your mind a steel trap afraid to take in new and ridiculous ideas about life in the cosmos, on Earth and even within the sphere of your tiny universe of life in your own world.  You’ll have a much easier time than I did if you can keep this in mind.  So, back to the dark hall ways and looking for lights to turn on for you.  I leave you with simple concepts but the light is on for you to find…you will find it.  Blessings!

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