Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Light Chasing Darkness

Cool of the morning
I breathe it in slowly
Relish the vision
Of the sun's rays climbing
Ever higher into the sky
Darkness chased by the light
Seems an interesting metaphor for life

If we can fearlessly allow
The light to shine within us
To show us all of our dark places
See what's been lurking there honestly
And allow the light
To chase the darkness away for good
We could finally connect to the love within

But when mired in our darkness
We fight the light of day
The saving grace that would heal us
And make us whole
I find it almost humorous
The night sky cannot ever escape
The coming of the day

I will remember this moment
And realize by the heart of me
The light will always chase away the darkness
We need not fight nor fear it ever
We can remain unafraid to see our darkest places
We can embrace the light fully
And let the darkness fade

(c) Jaie Hart, September 6, 2011

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