Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morning Thoughts and Coffee

I stepped out into the cool and dark, steaming cup of coffee in hand, sipping warmth in the moon light. Its truly beautiful out this morning and the cooler weather just mikes me smile from somewhere deep inside.  In the cooler air the sounds travel much more crisply and if I add a little imagination, the freeway noise from far away can be made to sound like waves crashing onto the shore…now that’s a much more pleasant thought to start my day with.

It should be an easy day today.  The pile of woes and worries sitting on my desk will be sorted, dealt with and put gently to rest and the sun will shine inside my office with the lights off as always.  I love natural sunlight and have been greatly blessed with a corner office.  It makes me feel like I’m outside when I’m stuck inside.  I look at the pine trees and green grass outside my window and my mind takes me to some beautiful places in the country I’ve seen…the gorgeous trees up in the pass above Seattle or the High Cliff Park in Wisconsin…the Sequoias in Northern California, our own local Los Angeles Crest National Forest.  Such beautiful places when your mind or even body and soul need an escape.

I’ve got the day off tomorrow and am really looking forward to a 3 day weekend of relaxing and recharging.  I think I will schedule a massage and then go to the beach and sip a mocha slowly as I watch the birds float gently across the sky, the waves crash into the shore and the sounds of the ocean take away all that is not happy and hopeful within me.  I love long weekends.  They are a little gift my company allows me to give myself a few times a month.  I can’t spend exorbitant amounts on yearly vacations to exotic places so create mini retreats often.  I find it works so much better for me at so many levels.  I ramble, on with the day.  I hope you find some measure of peace in the mundane things you run across today.  Focus on every task as if it were the most important task of your life.  Give everything you do much gentleness and care and become one with the task as you do it.  This is actually quite peaceful even if you would rather be elsewhere doing something different. (Still rambling – girl, would ya just get on with it?!)  Okay, okay, I’m going.  I hope you have a truly magical day!  Peace!  Love!  Light!

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