Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grow On

When we're ready to grow on (not a typo), life is ready to meet us with interesting people, places and things to learn about. I was just outside having a mini meditation session with the stars. It's cooler out tonight than it's been in a while and I'll tell you, it felt really good. I sat there quiet and just stretched my thoughts up and out through the stars as far as I could go...I seemed to be just floating there in the dark, completely at peace. Then the phone rang. UGH!

Life isn't all wine and roses, sometimes its just damn hard period. That's the way of things but what we get out of those hard times, tough times and lonely times is growth. Well, that is if we want it--if we want to take accountability for our state of mind and our perspectives. We all have our choices to make...we can please others, we can please ourselves, we can take conflict head on or we can let it fly right on by. We can smile when we're bored, we can't eat if we're hungry we can walk when we're antsy. We have so many choices large-scale and small.

So, if you don't like where you are and how you feel, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Really, it's that easy. If you wait for all of the lights to be green before you try to change things, you may never get there. Make up your mind and just do it. Try to keep things in perspective. I always advise that when the worries of the world seem to great or just overwhelming, go sit under the stars and take a look a the miles and miles of space, dark and light. Think about how small you really are in the entire schematic of life from a global perspective. You're a tiny speck of a speck of a speck on a rock hurtling round a fiery burning star in a galaxy filled with light, gas and debris. Not very romantic huh? Yeah, well worrying about your worries won't help and I guarantee gazing at something infinitely beautiful for a time will do your soul a whole lot more good than worrying.

I know how hard things can be. I live and breathe with those hard things too. When things get too tough, I think it through, strive to gain perspective and see what I can do, consider what's in my power to control and what isn't and then I pray and see things getting better. I feel the lightness and joy of things being just the way I want and soon enough, what I want comes along in perfect time. Life is funny like that. So, worries are fleeting, as are life lessons and the hard parts of life. A moment of pain and stress can seem like an eternity but those moments will pass and you'll move onto something infinitely more enjoyable when the time is right. Have some faith in yourself and trust in life to provide the things you truly need. Breathe in and be peaceful. Its simple to think it...a little harder to believe it...but worth the effort.

I hope your worries are transformed by the light of the stars and the moon, that you wishes manifest right in front of your eyes and that your dreams come true! Be well. ~Blessings

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