Thursday, June 11, 2015

With Thousands of Thoughts In Your Mind, How Do You Support You?

The average human mind thinks thousands of thoughts a day (estimated to be somewhere between 12 – 60K). If you could sift through them and bucket them, I wonder how many might truly come from the outside world in the form of negative judgments or beliefs creating more internalized thoughts of unworthiness and how many of them might be truly supportive, uplifting and self-loving.   I suppose there is no real way to definitively know but I think there is a way for us to tell and that is by how we feel should we become quiet enough and give ourselves permission to reflect.
Our thoughts race sometimes seemingly at the speed of light. If so many of those thoughts go through our minds unconsciously attaching emotions in the negative, we could end ourselves up in a really bad place without having any clue as to how we got there.

The way to slow down this unconscious process is to become very quiet in a moment alone and spend some time just noticing the thoughts that race, the thoughts that swirl, the ones that stumble and fumble through to our conscious cognition in the absence of any judgment. If we could find a few moments here and there to do this one thing and learn to dispassionately view the thoughts as not truly “us” per se but a by product of the ego functioning in part the way it was designed to in full acceptance of it just as it is, I think we might better be able arrive at a more pleasant present focus.

In the present, we need not worry about our thoughts or their feelings but just let them be and allow ourselves to think them realizing their origins may not have anything to do with us. With negative thoughts in particular, this is really important. A beautiful soul born on planet Earth would not come to carry the weight of negativity without purpose. So, why do we carry the heavy weight of our negative thoughts in the absence of understanding?

To give ourselves permission to reflect in the absence of judgment, gives us the power we need to create consciously and positively in our lives. We’re not necessarily taught this but it is one of the ways we can learn to better support ourselves. So why not begin to support ourselves by allowing greater understanding?

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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