Saturday, June 6, 2015

Resistance is Futile

There are times in our lives where our emotions will seemingly take us any way the wind blows and we may end up in some highly undesirable places in our own minds. It can at times be quite uncomfortable as we try to figure out not only how we got here, where ever here is, and how we may endeavor to get out. We are emotional creatures and act sometimes from the heart of these emotions in the absence of true understanding which can lead us to  places like anger, frustration, disappointment and even despair. We’re often lead to believe this is just life on Earth so get on with it.

At an overly simplified level this may be true. This is just the way life is so maybe we should just get on with it. But what if we could do so with greater understanding, certainty and confidence? Wouldn’t that make the bad feeling parts even a little easier to bear? I’d say certainly. What about you?

Sometimes there seems no easy way to get there from here when in an emotional state but when you do not understand your emotions or you resist them I’ll tell you that “there” seems an impossible distance from where we stand. Take heart though. There is a passage way and that passage way is understanding.

If you could understand that your emotions were not the enemy and learned to make friends with them, how do you think that might improve your journey? By making friends with your emotion I mean to say that you endeavor to open your mind to the idea that emotions are messages from you to you that something needs your attention, love, forgiveness, acceptance or just simple kindness.
When we can stop resisting our emotions long enough and understand that what we go through is ultimately for our greatest good no matter how bitter and jagged a pill that seems to swallow, we can over come much and with greater ease. We can get from here to there with grace, with ease of pace and even with a measure of joy for the journey. We need only be willing to entertain new thought or endeavor to embrace perspectives we might never have considered before.

Your life is an amazing journey even with all of its ups and downs. Emotions are messengers that tell you about the things really going on inside you that need your pause, reflection and consideration. When you can begin to understand this, you can ease into your life lessons with a little more certainty and a bit more control over your own thoughts and emotions. You can even render fear completely powerless with love if you try. To me, trying is doing. It’s not an in-between.

I encourage you to move through the journey that is your life with this greater understanding to one of life’s greatest secrets. Your emotions are you friends. Your anxiety is telling you that you may be moving too fast. Your depression may be telling you that you’ve had to act strong for too long without giving yourself credit. Your feelings of anger or incredulous may be telling you there is a lie that you are telling yourself or a situation you consider is not what it seems. You can learn about these emotions with pause and reflection. And of course some assistance of a coach, a cleric or licensed counselor. They are there to help you when you’re trying to understand not only where you are going in life but how you can get there in a way that truly best suits you. Just some food for thought. Blessings for your journey.

© Jaie Hart (Photo/Words)

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