Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wandering Presence

In need of a break from the fluorescent lights, I made my way down two flights of stairs and headed for the door.  A cool sea breeze caught me the moment I opened the door.  The sun was warm and the beautiful cerulean sky was amazing.  As I continued to walk, I became quickly aware of the sound of construction coming from no less than 3 directions at once.

It struck me funny that in an area that is nearly already overbuilt and snarled with traffic to the point of pure gridlock at certain times a day that no less than 3 multistory buildings were all going up at once.  While I’m grateful that this means there is work for the men and women working on these sites, I could not help but feel a twinge of sadness.

How long before we can no longer see our blue sky unless we look straight up?  What will that mean for stargazing or staring off into the horizon?  Something I am often guilty of and always treated by a delightful blue sky staring back at me.  Would that I could fly above the roof tops in a moment such as this.

The scene seemingly shimmered as if it were a Hollywood Movie and suddenly I saw them, steel skyscraper mirrored towers reflecting nothing but the distorted gray of the other skyscrapers covering nearly every inch of pavement, no trees or flowers, just concrete, no more cars but tubes that conveyed people commuting.  It was a strange impersonal feeling world.  A very strange world to me.  I didn't like the vision at all even though I felt it in some strange way deep within.
The sunlight dancing on the windshield of a passing car caught my attention and the momentary vision of potential things to come dissipated.  I sat down under a tree and just felt the pristine beautiful presence of the moment so very grateful to be just where I was in this moment in time.  I realize at my core that if I should continue to allow the smallest part of my mind to wander, I could become perturbed by my vision.  But the heart of me knows the symbols are only an expression of a frustrated mind and I decide to enjoy delicious shade on a warm sunshiny day.

There will always be the things we wish to see and do not wish to see in this world and within this dream but deep inside, we are everlasting presence and it is that presence that if we step with confidence into that will see us through all moments equally with much grace, love and peace.

© 2015 Jaie Hart (words photo from

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