Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spaces Between

How many stories can one life hold?  As I consider the stories that make up my own, I cannot help but wonder.  There is still life in me to live in this realm and so it goes that there must be even more stories yet to come.  I think some how perhaps, those to come shall be different than those that came before.  Those that trail behind me like the wake on a river as a boat moves forward have shaped the reality of my presence in ways indescribable.  It wasn’t the events so much or even the people but the spaces in between.  I come back to the sky again and see the similarities.  Perhaps it is the darkness itself that holds up those stars where they hang so beautifully in the sky.  The space between, the space between…my thoughts trail off and stop.

The space between may seem empty but it isn’t, not by any stretch of the imagination.  It seems that it is only those sleeping unaware of their slumber that do not realize the importance of the space between.  The intangible knowings and etheric nature of the all of everything knits together understanding and the seeing of themes as if one were connecting a constellation or two or three.  All of life has meaning in terms of what it is you secretly wish to learn.  I say secretly because there is an unconscious part of our very being directing and attracting those things the deepest core of us most wishes to learn.  In that space between where feeling becomes thought and thought becomes charged with emotion to magnetic energy and then directed through perception, assumption…

The stories and events, the people involved are intrinsic aspects of our own nature and being and we just do not have the where-with-all to understand precisely how.  It matters not at that level alone.  What matters is learning to understand the clues to our own life purpose while standing in the truth of one’s own light.  But you’ll not find that light reflected precisely in the gaze or interactions of others here in a three-dimensional Earthly focus.  You must become aware of your own lack of awareness and begin to choose, begin to live consciously from the feeling parts of you beneath what we consider consciousness to the true all-encompassing Cosmic Consciousness of existence.  Then the entirety of the universe opens up and reflects right back into your own heart.  Shutting down the perceptions and senses of the physical world doesn’t close you off but opens you up to the unknown changing belief into the truth through experience turned to knowledge.

So, how many stories can one life hold?  I’d say surely there must be as many as there are stars in a clear summer night’s sky.  And for what purpose can they truly hold but to teach us the meaning of life in the form of the less tangible lessons learned.  It isn’t just the things we see but the things we haven’t yet learned to fathom.  The truth isn’t out there or just in here but some place in between.

© 2014, Jaie Hart (photo, random fortunate internet find.  Inspiration – A conversation with LJL).

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