Sunday, June 29, 2014

Points of Focus


The smell of freshly brewing coffee mixes well with the caw of the crows and a gentle summer sea breeze on this dark and early morning.  Although I intended a little more sleep for a Sunday, that just wasn’t to be.  Instead I thought I’d get up and write a little bit about my thoughts of late.  If we look at life from just one perspective, there is plenty of evidence of the impermanence of things.  Seasons change, life ebbs and flows and the world always seems abuzz with some new-fangled this or that replacing the tried and true or improving the old into new.  The wise ones tell stories of how it was in their day and the young ones with potential for wisdom will sit and raptly listen.

There is another perspective from which we can view things.  I may speak in levels but it’s just metaphor so don’t get too hung up on the idea.  If we reach for moral higher ground in the complete absence of understanding, we may find ourselves mired in the thick toxicity of judgmental emotions or lost in a sea of confusion as to how an Omnipotent and Omniscient “being” in the form of an anthropomorphized God could allow certain things to be.  If we reach out with the-devil may care attitude towards this or that, we are considered callus and unfeeling.  But what if there is a good and solid or healthy state of in between?  What if we cared so much that we found a place of acceptance for things and people just as they are and put seeking true understanding from the irresponsible claim of knowledge ahead of all else?  I will tell you such actions put you  in closer proximity to the real Source of our origins.

Randomly turning to things that change, aside from being assisted involuntarily, why does the body die?  You’ll have those that step out mid-stride in a vibrant life and those who slowly withdraw over time.  The skin and hair and eyes will change as they begin to separate their focus from this third-dimensional world returning if even unconsciously to their origins.  I’m not sure I believe in a Heaven or Hell any more.  That must sound funny coming from a Reverend.  But, stick with me just a moment and I’ll attempt to explain.

Heaven and Hell have their prescribed meanings as we have been taught from the Holy Bible but what if both were here in this now moment and were simply states of mind we choose to view the whole of this world from?  What if those states of mind exist whether here in the body or elsewhere beyond?  That would make both views a creation of a perspective held by an individuated aspect of a conscious entity would they not?  I cannot help but wonder if all we experience here is a matter of an agreed upon focus viewed through the filters of individuated experience.  We remain always a vibrant living extension of Source embodied in a framework that allows us a specific kind of experience.  As we get used to the framework, our vibrancy grows and we live out the lives we intended as we create them to be whether conscious of the plan for those creations or not.  We continue that point of focus until we choose to focus no longer and then we begin to disengage.  Little by little we slowly fade.  It is not just that limbs forget their flexibility or that eyes forget to see.  It is that we shift our focus at a designated point within the dream and begin to fade away from this frame with our souls packed with the memories of precious lessons learned and hopefully our hearts filled to overflowing with love.

The thing we forget or never take the time to properly remember is that we are consciousness.  That consciousness or spark of life lives on always but perhaps maybe in a different frame of focus than what we here living may term life on Earth.  Consciousness is what connects us one to another and from one another to our origins.  We don’t leave our Origin to be here to begin with.  Imagine gently waking up from a dream or suddenly sitting straight up in bed with traces of a memory of a dream still running through your mind.  We are consciousness unconsciously aware of ourselves.  Over time and with effort, each individual will become ever more aware if that is what they so choose to do in this frame.

The crows have quieted now and the little birds have taken to trilling a beautiful tune eagerly awaiting the sun’s light.  And I see before me the darkness receding into the pale light of that twilight moment in between the night and the day.  As I continue writing and sipping my coffee, my thoughts shift a bit closer to home.  In my mind’s eye I see a little girl with silver blue eyes.  Those same eyes I saw when I first met her father and saw yet again when I first met his father.  Today the family will say goodbye to my youngest daughter’s grandfather.  Although my heart goes out sincerely to the entirety of his family for their loss, I take comfort in the fact that I know a little secret. Life as consciousness lives on; it just changes its focus.  J.J. will always be with his family in spirit through the love that they shared.  I know I’ll see him every day in my little girl's beautiful eyes and am so very thankful to him for his life and his time here.  I owe him much just for his existence and what it meant at least to me.  Thank you J.J. and may God Bless your soul always and forever.  Thank you again for everything.  My heartfelt prayers go out to the entire family that they may find comfort in coming together today in celebrating the life of their patriarch.  He was proud of his boys and loved his grandchildren.  I pray they find the peace of love and then healing.   

For the rest of you focused here in this frame work, be grateful for all of those other individuals incarnate here with you.  They bring you gifts unexpected, experiences unique and life lessons worth learning.  Enjoy your time here in this point of focus fully so that when it is your time to return, you will do so filled with so much love.  ~Blessings of infinite love and light to all this day and every day.  And, so it is!

--> © 2014 photo and words, Rev. J.L. Harter

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