Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Precious Souls

What it is I felt in that moment, I can’t clearly say.  I was standing at the airport, baggage claim.  Not but maybe 10 feet away were four human beings.  The one on the left near 15 years old, long blonde hair standing so tall next to her big brother.  On the far right was the baby, now 11 years old and 1 day shy of finishing elementary school.  Just next to her left was big sister, just turned 24 eagerly awaiting little brother’s bag.  Little brother just to her left now stands over 6’0, just turned 18 a few months back and graduated high school just a few weeks ago.  I looked at them all thinking how much they've all grown and then the memories flooded my mind of the day each was born.  The four most treasured days of this life.  On each of those respective days I never could have imagined this one here today right now.  All the life that I have lived these past 24 years, it  seems as if I blinked and suddenly the beautiful hopeful and happy little toddlers all grew up --   two now adults, one soon to follow and the last, making her way in her own time.

I felt so many emotions standing there that I can hardly pick  a single one out.   Joy to have them all together for a short time, sadness for all the moments I missed here and there with this work project or that work project maybe,  all of the precious times and life lessons learned while keeping their spirits up and their hope alive that life would always be fine if you did one thing…follow your heart.  It is the heart that knows more than the brain can compute.  Not that every aspect of us isn’t always powerfully connected to Source but the main thriving connection is the heart.  When its gates are thrown open wide, that is when the miracle of love is not so much attained but fully realized. 

I was tired after a very long and trying day on the job where no matter what I do, I can’t accomplish enough to keep things going.  I realized a few months ago that to try would be insanity.  I had to give up perfection to accept reality and work within the constraints I have been given, the choices I have made and not one of those things that seemed so important over the past few months or years matters at all in this moment.  I worry a bit about the world I brought these magnificent souls into.  What will it be like for them when they reach my age?  So much life ahead do they have and as their mother I cannot help but wish for them to explore it, the deeper meanings of it so that they can learn much quicker than I the true beauty and purpose of it and then, yet, still find a measure of magic and peace within it.

These human beings I created with help, with divine love were they brought into this world and with divine love will they live each and every day of their lives as long as I am breathing and even then, beyond.  They are beautiful miracles each and every one and I’m reminded how this is true for each soul focusing their density here on the planet at this time.  Perhaps in the generation of my children or their children will the truth be better known in its simplicity without lacking an ounce of significant power.  All of creation is every soul's destiny to wield as he or she sees fit and the learning will come by the wielders and watchers alike.  Even bystanders observing are  enriched by a witnessed experience.  As a parent you witness much, scratch your head sometimes wondering how this or that occurred but then you’ll catch a flash or a string of words evidencing divine wisdom out of the mouths of your own dearly beloved babes and then you know your faith is restored, that you did your job well and they're going to be fine in this world no matter what they choose to create within it.  You hope for the best and teach them the skills necessary to deal with what they will  most likely perceive as the worst and love them.  Teach them to love and that it's okay to love.

I wish this were a more transparent world with even greater opportunities but I guess it's up to us and them to change that where we perceive it lacking.  Apathy is unacceptable when our lives are precariously placed in a single pointed focus here now.  As I sit here I realize that I know the emotion that I felt as I saw all 4 of my children standing side by side, it was love…pure and simple love.

May you find the love that matters most today.  Not the love that is given you but the love you willingly give away for in the giving you are receiving so much more.  Blessings.

© 2014 photo/words, Jaie Hart

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