Thursday, February 14, 2013

What are You Creating?

What if you knew you were having the experience in your lives that you wanted to experience?  Would you be able to relax a little more regardless of what came before you?  Life is not intended to be all joy or all sorrow.  We created the parameters in this play to give us the experiences we wanted most.  I know some of you may be thinking, "No way. I've had nothing but grief, terrible situations and more than challenging people to deal with."  Well, what if I were to tell you that you wanted to experience grief, terrible situations and challenging people to deal with?  What if I told you that you had very good reasons for creating this in your lives?  I know it may sound wholly far-fetched to say the least but open your mind a little bit beyond what you think seems obviously wrong with this line of thinking and reach beyond the limited thinking of victims and villains.

Let's take challenging people since that seems to be a common theme in many people's lives.  If you are continually encountering souls that just seem to vex you to your very core, YOU had a good reason for inviting those kinds of people into your play, your life.  What if your intent was to loosen the ego's grip on your consciousness and you truly wished to go through this life understanding the truth about individual expressions of divinity under the parameters of free will?  If this were the case, you would encounter mostly challenging souls in your lives to get you to stop reacting from the heart of the ego and instead get you to respond to life from a place of understanding, compassion and acceptance from the heart of your soul.

Let's take grief for a moment.  What if you wanted to experience grief so that you could learn the beautiful art of acceptance, healthy detachment and the loving art of letting go?  Rather than be derailed by grief, you set a course to understand at the level of the soul, the substance of it, the mechanics of it and how best to over come it and still be okay in your life?  What if?

The reasons we do not know all of this going in is because we are so amazing that we wanted to respond in real time, we wanted reality, we wanted to challenge ourselves and keep our souls sharp, honed and flexible.  You create your reality.  You do it with your thoughts, the emotions you attach to your thoughts and the resulting magnetic energy created when you combine those two elements of creation.  So, if you are the creator and you come to understand this, you begin to lose the need for victims, villains and blame.  You begin to realize that only you can take accountability for your thoughts, only you have the power to attach emotion to your thoughts and only you can create the magnetic energy necessary to draw to you experiences that you most want to experience. 

I know it is easier to feel victimized and look for a savior or rescuer to bail you out of all you find distasteful or displeasing.  But, what if you are your savior and your rescuer?  What if you empowered yourselves infinitely with those thoughts?  Do you realize the freedom that you would be giving yourselves?  It is difficult to entertain new thoughts but new thought is the only way we can improve what seems to be deplorable recurring conditions in our lives.  If you have gotten the message through the continual base you build your life/thoughts from and you no longer wish to call to you the kind and types of experiences you have had thus far in your lives, it really is up to you to change what is within you.  You cannot change the world around you through fixing, blaming, attacking, taking people to task or wielding brutal honesty to get every one to behave around you the way you wish them to behave.  They'll only just walk away and be replaced by others who exhibit the same or similar personality and behavior traits.  So, if you are not happy with your experience here on Earth, it is up to you to change the creative ingredients that produce the experiences in your lives.  It's difficult to just flip a switch and think, "make it so."  You need to practice changing your thoughts, attaching emotion differently and then the magnetic energy around you will change bringing you wholly different experiences.

You really are amazing individuals and so very powerful...much more so than you realize.  Be the amazing souls that you are and accept the experiences you have created thus far.  Learn from and truly understand the core themes of those experiences and then you can move on to creating differently for greater learning, greater love and much greater compassion and understanding in life.  Blessings of creativity, understanding and true satisfaction.

(c) 2013, Jaie Hart (photo, random internet find)

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