Monday, February 4, 2013

Real Within It

Bare and naked branches seem as if they are holding up a pale pink and misty sky.  The gulls sail across the pink tinged clouds and disappear into the coming fog.  The breeze is cool and I breathe in deep, grateful for just another day here on planet Earth.  There is much in the day I could grow concerned about but I decided to let it all go in this beautiful late winter afternoon.  Wood smoke tinges the air with warmth and its quiet out now as everyone is safe and warm in their homes.  I'll be in mine soon with those that I love and will be grateful for that too.  Life is a journey and I've seen many sights.  So many treasures have I stored away deep inside of my heart.  I think all and all, this has been a good journey and I pray the rest of it is as beautiful as it has been so far.  Never before have I understood the importance of pure peace or a sense of bliss and I didn't have to chase it in a bottle, a box or in some other form.  It came from within my core.  Learning to allow what's there to permeate outwards, to let what's real take hold and the rest, well, it was just an illusion I choose to participate in.  I laugh a little thinking that even in dreams everything seems so real while you're in them.  Its funny that we should dream within dreams.  The cycles and circles repeat inward and outward, upwards and downwards and every other which way one can imagine within this or other dimensions.

I'm in a good place in my life I think.  I've always been in a good place in my life no matter how steep the impending climb.  I just didn't know it when I was too mired in a victim mentality or limited and negative thinking to see. When I finally understood how I was creating, life changed for me.  I walk in the same world as always I have but its different now.  It's different because I have changed and transformed through understanding, learning and even pain.  For every tear I have cried, Lord thank you.  For every dream denied, I thank you.  For every single thing I thought I had lost, immense gratitude have I for in the losing, I have found much I didn't expect and it is by far more than ever I could have dreamed.

A lone hawk soars high above the Earth. I envy her a moment for her freedom and stand there transfixed as the last rays of diffused light begin to quickly fade.  I sigh a little as she flaps her wings and I lose sight of her.  I turn and face the city again and take my place here consciously within it.  One more deep breath and I smile at the sky for no reason, for every reason.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo, very fortunate internet find)

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