Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We become so lost sometimes
In the things that matter not
Lost in stormy seas of emotion
Intended to create in us deeper understanding
Intended to light the pathways home
And yet we doubt there is true purpose for us
We forget our own thoughtful intent
Reason, or a pronounced lack thereof
Brings us to our knees in pain
The truth behind what we think we see…
The love that lies just underneath
Like light in the deepest darkness they come
Teachers great imparting words imbued with great wisdom
Instructors and guides in every soul we happen upon
And yet we somehow continually miss the message
Time and time sorrowfully again
We come here because of our love of learning
Addicted and obsessed with the mysteries
Of our own lives mercilessly unfolding
Until like glass we thoughtlessly break
And the facade we burden ourselves with shatters
And the Source light refracts like rainbows
In all the shards and pieces fallen to Earth
And then we become
What we always were
(c) 2012, Jaie Hart (Photo random internet find)

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