Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finding the Light

A carpet of emerald green stretches out before me and the sun casts both brilliant shards of light and then shadows through beautiful pines.  Again every shape of the morning is finely etched in fiery gold.  Mornings are my favorite because of the light.  Have you ever noticed the light change as the earth turns towards the sun?  It’s subtle at first, then beautiful beyond belief and then subtle once again until we reach that part in our continual turning where the sun no longer appears on our horizon. Then blazing colors again…less gold, more fire.  Amazing!  So much, we take for granted.  Take the Earth, herself.  How often do we ever stop and consider all of the things the Earth provides for us?  The Earth provides shelter, nourishment, thirst quenching clear water, garments, vehicles and all manner of useful things all made from things that come from the Earth.  We often take all of these things for granted.  But, did you know that in a matter of a few moments – focusing on your gratitude for all of the things the Earth brings and allowing your consciousness to stretch out from your vantage point can bring you great peace and joy?

This place is so amazing every day.  We get to learn so much about our existence, how we came to be here, where we might be headed and discover things we never understood before.  Every day, we just learn more.  In every way, we grow with every breath.  How can this not be good?  Sometimes our perspectives become jaded or we just forget about the small things that have great meaning.  I sometimes think that when life becomes a little too painful that we need to just simply go back to the basics.  Start with breathing slowly and purposefully.  Then move on to what you have and focus there in every detail (and that doesn’t always mean material things – it can be lessons learned, laughter shared or beautiful dreams too).  Focus on those things that you have and find in your heart a feeling…one specific feeling – pure gratitude for what you have.  When we focus on what we lose, we become out of balance.  We attach to things and people so easily but everything changes.  Even the Earth changes.  We are better served placing our focus where it will bring us the most joy and return for our energetic investments.  From there, we can create – even if it is just creating a neutral space from which we can begin to function again after an upset.

Life’s challenges can seem so great but so are life’s treasures.  We have to take the good with the bad and that is just how it is but we can come to terms with our emotions.  When we can begin to find the positives, we create a space of energy that allows us to breathe more freely.  It takes time and effort sometimes to find those positive things so patience is often necessary and also a belief that at some point you will find a positive – something to smile about.  With some effort even a dark and ominous set of rain clouds can be a beautiful experience.  Its sometimes a matter of perspective and a willingness to find something good to focus on.  Sometimes we must focus on unpleasant things in order to understand and give our emotions time to process all we’ve taken in.  It’s okay.  It’s okay to feel and be however you are.  Negative states can maintain negative energy though so finding a way to heal from upsets and pain is important.  It’s important for you.  In times of challenge, look for the light in the darkness.  In times of joy, look for the one in the room that needs some light and shine it in there direction.  We’ve all been blessed with a lot of amazing things here while we learn in the Earth School.  Understanding what we have come to learn and helping others find the light too is just an amazing way to live.  At least I think so.  Well, enough with my meandering thoughts for the day.  I hope your week is amazing, that you find a moment to see and appreciate the light around you and then you feel all the blessings of your life right down to your core!

(c) 2012 Jaie Hart

(photo is not mine - random but beautiful internet find)

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