Saturday, March 31, 2012

Coming Back to Self

Ethereal sunset on the horizon
Searching through my mind for a single thought
Just to hold onto
One I could go with that might bring me understanding
Before long I find it as the birds soar across the sun
This ancient-feeling sense of loneliness
How long this feeling has hidden within me
I can’t even begin to say
I stay in the moment feeling the emotion behind it
For so long invisible but wanting to be seen
Not just by anyone but someone who knows
Someone like me
Then gratitude washes over me as my memories trace back
To faces and places in this time and all times
And I smile despite the heaviness in my soul
We  walk this Earth for a reason
We come to show the path of light
But that doesn’t mean its any easier to be here
Seeing the things the years have taught us to notice
It’s like picking out the sound of a pin drop
In the middle of the biggest city you’ve ever visited
Is this what it’s like to come back to self?
To feel the pain of the years asleep
Just not with self but to see it in others?
There has to be a better way
To show people the pathways home
To make them want to awaken and take it
It matters so much more than they’ll ever possibly know
So what then in the mean-time
Well, there is this glorious sunset to bear witness too
Throughout so many lives and times have I noticed the sun
And the things in life that give off the most light
And then  I smile from somewhere inside
Resolute, refreshed and feeling release
I’m ready to take up the path now in earnest

(c)2012 Jaie Hart (words and photo)

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