Saturday, March 26, 2011

World of Dreams

The world can sometimes be this amazing and indescribable place.  Just when you think you are off about your business feeling completely alone, the Universe in its infinite wisdom sees fit to bring you messengers to impart to you great lessons, help you recall the very real essence of your dreams and even help you remember who you really are.  I could write here of some amazingly unbelievable tales and stunned you would be but things of late still have me reeling to the point I just couldn’t articulate beyond the very general and high-level concepts of what I’m sharing now.

This world is not the only world or frame of existence.  There are so many others you can access at any time you wish to give yourself permission to dream, imagine or visualize.  Just when you think that what you’ve imagined serves as concrete evidence of your apparently seeming insanity, someone comes along and shares with you the same dreams from the same world.  When this happens, somewhere in your soul is the very real vibration of confirmation and you know for a fact that you have separately walked within the same imaginary worlds.  Sure, it would be simple and cool to dismiss this concept claiming the collective consciousness imbues many minds with the same concepts.  However, that argument bears out as further proof that two can enter the same dream from afar by their own desire to recall places they have, in fact, been.

Still sounding crazy?  Meh, who cares.  Really!  At the end of the day or at the end of your life here, and it will/must end at some point, you take nothing with you but your experiences.  The experiences collect whether they occur in what we think is physical reality or whether they occur in your head.  The themes and concepts resonate the same from the presence of your memories.  Memories can be incredibly interesting things if you learn to truly understand what you are seeing.  For example, through your own memories you experience the past in the present and through your own visions you experience the future and possibilities also in the present.  At that wavelength, the past, present and future all occur at once and the only thing that decides if these concepts live or die is your observation and perception.  What you perceive to be real is in fact real for you.  If you don’t believe me, consider the last assumption you made about one of your human interactions.  When you made the assumption, did your emotions not line up with what you assumed to be the truth?  This speaks volumes for exercising great care and caution as to what you place your gaze and undivided attention upon.

There are things in this world we are not easily taught…concepts that most of us do not wish to even entertain while we live mired in our creation of a superficial world.  But there is another world.  I see it living and breathing every day through the awakening of souls across the planet, the gathering of soul families who inexplicably know each other  despite having never met in this physical world. So what if you think its all a figment of my or their imagination…it’s my head and I can certainly entertain what I wish and your judgment has no impact upon my reality. *smiles*  I might be crazy or maybe its you who is insane so married to your limits, overly grounded in a material world that you can’t take with you.  Please understand it is with light heart I write these words and certainly mean no offense.  I wish merely to point out that amazing things can happen to you, for you, the moment you unchain your reality and create on purpose what you wish most to experience in this lifetime.

Our language is so limited that it is hard for me to fully articulate the concepts I’m truly endeavoring to impart.  There is a way you might begin to understand but you must first allow yourself to dream.  A simple way to get started is through meditation.  Meditation is the complete surrender of form and thoughts into the black seeming nothing void of no thought and no mind.  From that space that contains both light and dark, you are not limited.  Once you push back the black veil barrier there is a whole world to experience you may never have even dreamed of.  If you stick with it, you begin to loosen the grip of all the lies you were taught about who you really are and what this world is really about.  I challenge you to hold back your snorts of disbelief and judgment and instead attempt to prove me wrong by embarking upon a new journey that will only cost you an open mind.  Engage in one of the best journey’s we have the right and privilege to engage in here in The Earth School…the journey of self-discovery, self-mastery and self-love.  All things are possible if you allow your perspectives to shift and grow trading outmoded and worn provisional truths for the newness of the real truth.  Each man or woman finds this on his or her own but sometimes the messengers do come and so lovingly advise if we would only take a moment to pay attention.

I wish you all a great awakening to embracing your dreams fully.  Never forget them because they live and breathe the moment you think them into existence.  Whether or not you continue to hold them, they are out there waiting to come to life.  Find your dreams and hold them with love. ~Blessings!

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