Saturday, March 12, 2011

Light Within - Let the Flame Grow

Morning light diffused through low clouds, reminds me of how much our light is often muted.  There are a million reasons why this is so and it is ultimately up to each to discover what inhibits his or her own light in this world.  Most often its unhealed pain from dreams and desires not manifested, shattered or altogether lost.  We are not our dreams or our desires.  We are not the labels that society places so carelessly and myopically upon us.  We are not machines intent on routine day in and day out until all of the lights somehow magically turn green as we journey through life.  We are not lost in a sea of hopeless emotion.  These things are all mere illusions that give us the impetus to fight to find our way and refuse to settle for mediocrity in our lives…in our important existence.

I suppose if we remain so distracted with fighting just to stay alive, it is entirely understandable that our light becomes dim.  When we fear for our ability to garner the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter and safety for ourselves and our families, it is hard not to be dragged down into the heavier energies of existence here on Earth.  However difficult, some of the brightest lights I have seen have been shining from the eyes of those termed the unfortunate…homeless, hungry and down-trodden.  The trick is they don’t stay there.  They put their fate in a higher authority than life on Earth.  They put their energy into acceptance and seeking to understand the lessons presented on their daunting paths and they never give up in the search for truth and the means and a way to succeed in something.  Even if that something is merely learning to get up and stand after being knocked down for the hundredth time.

What is it that drives one man to the brink of utter self-destruction while the same events leave another man standing dusting himself off and considering where to place his next step?  Is it pure luck to have a good attitude?  Is it faith in the Creator?  Is it trust in a master plan?  Personally, I don’t think it’s luck.  I really think that some are able to quickly come to grips with what is happening without becoming trapped in the villain and victim mentality.  When you are trapped in a poor-me box, it is virtually impossible to get out.  Everywhere you look with those shades on, all you will find is pain, adversity, pointless action that leads one to give up and stop trying –why bother if it’ll just be ripped away again.  However, when you never give up on yourself and the power in your creativity, resourcefulness and self-love, you find the will to survive, to persevere, to maintain a tenacious focus at rebounding and rebuilding.  I think this is a difference and its not hard to surmise that psychology can make or break you there.  However, having been one of those who has had everything torn apart, blown up and shattered time and time again, I guess I refuse to be grounded and laid out or rendered a helpless soul.

For whatever reason, that tiny spark of a flame of love inside of you can always be stoked to an epic inferno in no time if you never lose touch with the fact that THAT flame exists for a reason.  Never extinguish your own light.  It may dim at times as fear and suffering sets in due to life’s many and difficult lessons but if you never let that flame die out, you stand a great chance of pulling yourself to your feet, assessing accurately your new topography, terrain, energetic surroundings and choosing carefully which direction you will purposefully place your first step as you embark upon yet another journey.  Those who never give up or even only temporarily give in will be given the love and light to help pull them through and if you’ve ever noticed, its those very individuals who always seem to seek to reignite the light in their fallen brothers and sisters.  They know how important it is not just to save themselves but to create a space where others can heal, grow and follow until they can walk on their own in love and light and in so doing, their light shines the brightest.  Never give up on you.  Believe in you!  I do! ~Blessings

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