Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cry For Love

We cry for a love that doesn’t exist, we give up pieces of our sanity to find it, we pay exorbitant amounts in time and of ourselves for what amounts to snake oil because we cannot see what we already have.  Our beautiful precious light, so buried under years of dead bushels.

We hear the words that would be our salvation, precious gold we give to any willing alchemist for nothing but lead.  Then, we’re angry at the alchemist and the lead we knowingly purchased and we become insane with pain and project it forcefully outward because we cannot bear the pain of knowing we had a choice to do better but we just didn’t take it. 

The allure of the shimmering fantasy, blinding us from the truth… but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Alas, unfortunately, some of us must first and finally become spiritually, emotionally and morally bankrupt, seemingly bereft of all love and light until we crash into ourselves.  Then, the shell of the small mind breaks wide apart and falls away until we lie broken on the floor bleeding our precious energy desperately out around us in every direction; seeking rescue and refuge from the storm of guilt, shame, self-betrayal, self-loathing to weak too fight with the ego any longer.

It is then that the eyes of our hearts may yet force their way open; seeing the truth that our quest was for nothing…for something we had all along; a tiny spark of light our inner divinity firmly routed in our Source, our Maker, the extension from which our shinning love filled souls emerged.

Laugh, we do to learn that all it takes is a tiny shift in consciousness and a huge leap of faith to clear the amnesia like the breeze clears the fog from a stormy sea shore.  It is a paradox of simplicity juxtaposed with incomprehensible complications of energy thought paths firing for once in the correct sequence.

We then can know with clear, unadulterated certainty that we have within us the very thing we tirelessly and unsuccessfully searched the world for without.

To awaken from both dream and nightmare holds a serious impression of transcendent bliss that can only ever disappear from our consciousness when we become mired in the mundane trappings of the ego, thus turning our backs not only on love but God and ourselves.

Be aware, very aware then of your thoughts to keep the endless channel ever open.  Blessings and love to all!

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