Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Life is sometimes an amazing mystery,
Treat it as if it were the rarest and most priceless gift.
Don't be afraid to be open.
Don't be afraid to be wrong.
And never be fearful of love.

Live your life out there,
In the best way that you can.
Who cares if you don't do this right.
Who cares if you don't do that perfectly.
The only one that has to live your life is you.

Spend some time getting to know the real you,
And worry less about who and what people tell you you are or should be.
Focus not on how to please everyone else,
But rather what makes you feel good about you...
From the inside out.

Don't waste time focusing on the past,
Your shortcomings or your perceived failures.
Instead think about the richness and beauty of the lessons you've learned
And know you only repeat those tough life lessons...
You chose to repeat.

Even if life sometimes seems unfair,
Know that there is a good reason for everything...
Even if you don't understand what that is.
The unfair things in life likely have nothing to do with you at all
But you can learn regardless.

Seek always to find the truth in what you face,
Don't make assumptions and align emotions with them.
Try always to see things through the eyes of love
Instead of from a state of worry, anxiety or fear.
Know that love can dispell the mists of fear every time.

Understand that through your hardships,
Not only do you learn and grow from the experience,
But so does everyone else around you.
Your sacrifices are not made for nothing.
Your life and the way you live it really does matter.

Go into the world fearless,
Know the love within you is always on your side.
Seek the truth always and speak it gently.
No matter what you do or say,
You are still a child of your Creator
             and you are never alone.

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