Friday, December 10, 2010

Enough to Go On

Sunlight defused through morning storm clouds,
Casts an ethereal glow...
The world washed clean.
It seems to me, a strange world at times.

Rich hues cascade,
Across the moments ago dark landscape,
Sparkling drops of rain distract from the ugliness.
That's what we need, isn't it?
Distraction from the ugliness if even for a moment...

And within such moment...
A reprieve to gaze upon...
The beauty beneath the surface - Just out of view,
The meaning between the lines.

Like the love that sometimes secretly permeates...
The all of everything.
I guess its faith that lets me feel it,
Even when I can't see it with the eyes of the ego...
That hides the truth all too often.

Its the eyes of the soul...
That must be opened wide at all times,
To keep us from immersing ourselves...
Into the abyss of complete obliteration.

I see the sun,
I feel the love,
For this moment...
That's enough to go on.

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