Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scheme of Things

There are just those days that don’t end up the way you thought they might…things go wrong and then get even worse sometimes. If you get too wrapped up in outcomes at the outset, life is just not going to go very well for you from an internal emotional and intellectual perspective. Let’s face it, bad things just happen, troubling people and situations cross our paths and sometimes frequently at that. We can’t sit in a space of fear and frustration waiting for blue skies and sunshine when the road before you is long, dark and pouring down rain from ominous seeming storm clouds occasionally lit by frightening lightning. When the thunder rolls, and I assure you, it will—you have to find something in the moment to be grateful for and I’m not talking about material things. Those things are cool and all but don’t matter a hill of beans when you’re facing one of life’s many challenges.

So, what to do, what to do…hmmm, well, you can start by getting really peaceful. The peace is there with you always, you just have to reach in really deep sometimes to find it. One of the best ways to find it is to remember that no matter what drama or conflict you face…no matter what uncomfortable or difficult things you might have to do, you are not the outcomes…you are not the feelings…you are not doubt, fear or defeat. You, at heart, are love incarnate. Sounds hokey huh? It’s not, it’s the truth and it is not one of those provisional truths thrown around with artful and fancy words. No matter what thoughts the mind does think, no matter what expectations the ego worries about or things and situations the ego compares itself with, you are none of that. If you are none of that, what does it matter if the sky pours buckets of rain or lightning flashes? What does it matter of this project failed or that effort ended up in disharmony? What does matter is the state of your soul, the love in your heart and the light you allow to shine forth no matter what you go through.

Life is hard sometimes and if you walk any kind of spiritual path, don’t be surprised or disheartened when you run across conflict, confusion or conundrum. Don’t worry if you seem to do everything right and everything comes out wrong. The one thing you can count on in life is that every single thing that happens, happens for a reason. There is growth to be had and even pure garbage and waste can be transformed into fertilizer from which, can be grown the most beautiful and fragrant flowers. A lot of good can come from a lot of bad if you are just willing to look for it, trust this and be patient. All will be revealed in time and 2 years from now, I guarantee the heat and passion of whatever thoughts you hold right now will be replaced by something else even more intriguing for you.

I’ve had a rough couple months and a pretty tough day and at first I started getting caught up in outcomes but apparently I’ve been paying attention a little to my spiritual training. I am at peace even though I face yet another dilemma, I face yet another of life’s challenges. I can’t let it ruin my day and I have to remember that none of the things I have to contend with compare to the beauty and peace under this cloudy night sky. Yeah, I miss the stars but even though I can’t see them right now, I know they are there and they are shining brightly as they always are. These life challenges I face are just like clouds blocking my view…I know what’s really behind the clouds and what’s really going on behind the life lessons. I know me, I’ll face them and be fine-- I always am. So, there really is no need to worry or fear or get myself cross-threaded over insignificant things in the scheme of things! Life is good no matter what…whether good day or bad day…I do not change…I’m still standing here breathing, feeling the peace in the eye of a storm. And the storm, heck, it’s really just a sprinkle. I’ve seen worse and withstood it…I’ll be just fine. I know this because it’s a choice I’m making…to be at peace and I’m feeling my choice at a time I normally wouldn’t. I like that. I deeply appreciate this ability to reach above and beyond turmoil. I hope this ability stays with me the rest of my life.

Whatever it is that you face on your journey, you have one thing no one else has…YOU. You’ve got something else we all have and share…LOVE. You will be fine no matter what you do, say or think as long as you choose to be okay. I wish you much strength on your journey…I wish that you always find one shred of a presence of mind to know that you can tap into love and peace in every step that you take. The journey is the destination so enjoy every step. ~Blessings

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