Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ego and Unintended Negative Energetic Impact

Ego’s clash at times with such velocity it not only decimates the objects of collision but also creates a lot of collateral damage.  Have you ever been an innocent by-stander in a room of clashing ego’s?  The energy becomes negatively electric and toxic beyond compare.  Not only are the two objects of mass and velocity exploding into bits from impact but the shock wave passes through everyone even remotely near.  But most of this goes undetected, sadly.  Sure the hurt feelings and anger are readily apparent but the residue from the initial impact is not so easy to detect.  The ego does not know how to back down.  The ego sees a fight, takes offense and goes for the jugular.  The interesting thing I’ve noticed in life is that every single time someone has allowed themselves to become so engaged, at some level, they have deeply regretted it and if they didn’t, the soul still suffers from the lack of oxygen in the moment.  I’m referring to love.
 So, it’s safe to say we are all egotistical and in some ways narcissistic.  However, we do have a part of our mind (I like to actually call it soul consciousness – as do many others) that observes what is happening inside of the mind and watches detached.  These negative engagements of the ego register somewhere…even if unnoticed by the host or hosts.  I have to catch myself all the time.  I feel my ego engaged in the pit of my stomach.  I can feel when negative energy begins to stir because the vibration is off like a drum beating angrily and out of time.  It’s uncomfortable and once the energy vibrates like that for a time, there is no easy way out…only time and a whole lot of positive talk can counter-balance the negative energy reverberating throughout my being.  I don’t know why people want to put themselves through that.  I do my best to stop angry thoughts before they start.  I notice that the older I get, the less patience and tolerance I have for that type of behavior in me.  Not because it’s wrong but because it doesn’t feel good and its so unnecessary in most cases.
 Before the ego becomes fully engaged and ready for battle, we do have some twilight moments were we are not yet fully committed to the ego's darkness.  In those moments we can pull the initial thoughts back so they can gain no velocity, no foothold and the resulting initial negatively pulsating energy will quickly dissipate if and only if, you catch it, stop it and disengage.   Every human being has the right to disengage any discussion that begins to make them feel bad.  You can shut down the thoughts and stop responding to external agitation.  It takes less effort to do it on the front end than to deal with it once adrenaline begins to course roughly and uncomfortably through your veins and hurtful angry words are needlessly exchanged.  Now, having said that, there are those individuals that enjoy that rush…and I caution you if you are one of those…it’s not good for you…that kind of feeling of “alive” is like a short-lived high and is very negative in origin.  It is different than the rush of doing something good and satisfying or overcoming a life challenge or fear.  That is a completely different vibration.  One is low, off-beat and heavy and the other is a fast and smooth beating energy that is more uplifting and much longer lasting (not requiring a continual feed).  If you’re around a negative energy junky…just disengage, get away and don’t feed their addiction!
Our bodies can tell us so much if we pay attention.  Off topic a bit but for the sake of example, have you ever dated someone when you got that uncomfortable vibration in the pit of your stomach, a slight energy pull that really feels like a small physical pull…it’s that same feeling when you compromise yourself knowingly in some way…that energy feeling in the pit of your stomach is trying to tell you something.  If you’ve had that feeling and continued dating that person, how did it turn out for you?  I can tell you that every time I ignored that pull, I regretted it in a big way.  That tiny pull off-center was a precursor to major earth-shattering emotional things designed to pull me off my center by someone unwittingly extracting energy from me in a negative way.  Some of this is hard to explain until you’ve paid attention while experiencing it.  Once you’ve noticed that feeling, it is unmistakeable in the future.
 So, the whole point to this is not to highlight that the ego is wrong.  The point is that there are things, interactions and exchanges that are positive, uplifting and create that fast and smooth energy vibration and there are also those with a lower, heavier, off-beat and debilitating vibration that if you don’t pay attention to, you’re headed for a bad time.  Left unchecked these “bad time” experiences can collect in your energy field and lead to physical, mental and emotional maladies…depression, anxiety and general malaise.  It’s really worth paying attention to the state of your ego, keeping it under firm control, knowing when you’re out of control and disengaging so you can regain composure.  Its not rocket science.  It really just takes a very subtle awareness and focus to notice and a little effort to control your own thoughts and feelings.  My challenge for you if you are interested, as you run across people for the next few weeks and observe interactions positive and negative, see if you can notice any feelings around your solar plexus or navel area…what do those feelings feel like?  Are they heavy or light?  Do they pulse and how do they pulse?  Do you feel a vibration either fast or slow?  Pay attention to your body.  Notice if it is different when you are directly engaged versus a spectator in the room.  When you allow your ego to become engaged, you not only put yourself at risk but you risk impacting unintended victims.  Its just food for thought.  ~Blessings


  1. Namaste, my sister. I have enjoyed following your thoughts today. It is very difficult to find good work on the subject of ego. Usually people get tied up in Freud or Jung so they completely misrepresent the function of ego. As this is one of my favorite subjects I have done considerable research. I have discovered the work of Carlos Castaneda to be fantastic. He describes ego as " Fliers ". If you have not read his work yet, you would love it.
    Also I found a book called " The Other Bible " It covers off gnostic truth dating from 300 bce to 300 ad. Included are many of the Gospels not included in The Ne Testament. I don't care for religion but this is a good book. If one considers the demi God Sophia to represent ego, then much spiritual truth can be derived. I will enjoy following your thoughts, best regards.

    In Lak' esh, ego the master illusionist...

  2. Cool shoes, girl! Here's EIGHT blogs YOU may steal/plagiarize to thy heart's content (don't find that very off'n, doya? Just like to give my piece of cranium to the world); be warned, however: Upstairs in Heaven Above, all of my EIGHT blogs of wisdom and avant-garde-efficaciousness will be attributed to moi, aussi. Though, I don't think you'll care one-way-or-the-other in the Great Beyond --- Shhh! Don’t tell! Didju know I’m certifiably insane and I’m writing from a state-run, mental-health-facility on Mars? (Latin: totidem verbis [in so many words]). God bless. Meet me after we croak, k?

  3. Thank you both for reading and taking the time to comment on this piece. I'm so glad that they evoked something positive in you. Thank you for the offers and referrals of good books. I'm a book fiend! Love them. And as far as plagiary, dear soul, I could never do it. I will check out your blogs, however and with your permission only, would I share. :) Namaste! Have a beautiful day dear souls!