Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Tree of Solitude


It came in a vision

On a cold rainy day

A solitary tree

On a solitary hill

And above it

A blanket full of stars

I worked and worked

To pull it out of my head

With clumsy untrained fingers

And when finished

It moved me

But I didn’t know why

Many moons later in a meditation it came

The word "Solitude"

And it meant something

Something I didn’t understand

In another meditation and the vision became more clear

I was walking alone in a beautiful landscape

Ahead of me was the tree only now it was daylight

The sun shone behind it glorious white

Every branch etched in beauty unimaginable

I crested the hill and touched its smooth branches

And it filled me with that one thing I’ve been looking for


And then they came

Friends from all time

Smiling they said, “You finally found it – the Tree of Solitude.”

With hugs and smiles they congratulated me for my journey

They sat with me under the tree and no one spoke a word

A thought reached out to me through the silence

“Dear one, even in Solitude we are with you.  You are never alone.”

In a moment, with tears streaming down my face

I again tasted the sweetest essence of pure love.

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo/painting:  Jaie Hart)

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