Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Time of Pure Flow

I’ve been at a loss for words much lately.  I’ve kept mostly to myself except for my daily interactions, going about my normal responsibilities and contemplating all I’ve taken in.  So many thoughts have I had that I cannot even begin to pull them apart just now to write them down to share them.  There will be times like these in our lives.  I call them  Times of Pure Flow or “Flow Times” and these are the times that we are wrapping up so much learning and there are so many connections being made with the little neurons within our brains from all of our experience that it’s almost too much to sort out the specifics of our experiences.

As I think about life lived in general, some words that come to mind are exasperating, frustrating, crazy-making, flustering, maddening, frightening, tiring, exciting, challenging, beautiful, magical, inspiring and more.  Whatever life lessons you have faced, I hope you’ve found something within you that remained so curious about what was before you that you met it head on with squared shoulders and a mind open and ready to learn.  Why?  Well, no matter what we face, if we can stand up straight, open our minds and well maybe our hearts too, square our shoulders and just get on with it, we might actually fare better than if we allowed fear or conflict avoidance get the best of us causing us to miss out on an important life lesson.  Although it seems like you can, you can't outrun a life lesson.  It would be like trying to outrun yourself.  How would you do that?

The collective of our experiences in life become the life lessons written in the book of our own souls.  What points do you most want indelibly etched within the time-space elements of your beautiful soul?  What do you want most to remember?  Is there anything you’d like to forget or that you maybe regret?  Maybe you missed the message or the most important point or aspect and might like to repeat the lesson again and will in another place with another face in time, who knows?  Our capacity for learning by living and experiencing our ever-unfolding consciousness is never-ending.  That is the beautiful thing about being human I suppose.

I think maybe for me the life lessons coalesced into knowledge sometime ago and I only just now realized what I’ve been learning and why.  What will I do with the information?  Well, take it to heart and keep it there for a while and then maybe share it when I can.  Such beautiful things have my experiences (even the harrowing ones) brought me that I am more than grateful. Is there a word for gratitude that is grateful to the nth degree?  Maybe we should make one up some time or if you know one, share it with me.  I’d have to say that even without the benefit of a specific word, that’s just how I’m feeling about now…infinitely grateful for experiences; frustrating ones, angry-making ones, painful ones, joyful ones, inspiring ones, enlightening ones and more.  “Every experience is like a box of chocolates,” a friend once said to me, "each one is intended to be savored.I remember those words and consider all I have experienced.  I might not have agreed with the sentiment during a few lessons I learned but as I look back now, I see that I agree with the sentiment considering all of my life lessons collectively gathered neatly within my soul.  Every single one was actually for my benefit and not my detriment.  And So, It IS!

Life is fun like that.  Sometimes the most terrible things and terrible seeming people can end up being rendered that one thing that turned our lives on a dime into and toward a whole new and more rewarding direction.  Maybe we will learn just yet to be grateful for things not as they could be but as perfect as they already are even if we can’t yet see.  Blessings of joyful learning my friends.

© 2015 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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