Saturday, November 2, 2013

Are You Manifesting Your Fears?

If you are holding on to fears, do not be surprised when you manifest them in your life.  

We come here to experience life and our fears can be our greatest teachers and motivators.  When you hold on to a fear, a part of you may become fixated and attach emotion to this fear.  Your unconscious actions will then seem to continually create situations that trigger these fears.  The cool part about the framework that we live in is that we create so much of what we experience.  We just don't understand how.

Let me give you an example. If you hold a fear of abandonment, you are likely to develop an insecurity.  When you develop the insecurity to protect yourself from the pain of the fear you hold, you are likely to behave in ways that may be off-putting to those who surround you.  This depends on the severity of the fear you hold. It may also shape your chosen behavior when your fears are triggered. In addition, the tolerance of those you have chosen to surround yourself with may chose not to stay with you, and you may end up pushing people away from you.  If this occurs, it may leave you feeling abandoned, reinforcing your fears.  We manifest very creatively whether consciously or not.  If you do not wish to manifest your fears, you will need to take the time to understand them and resolve them.  You will create situation after situation that triggers you until you finally understand and resolve your fears.

Not to worry, you have all the time in this world and the next and the next to figure out how to resolve the fear.  If you passively go along without addressing your fears, understand that you will begin to manifest these fears all of the time.  If you shift your focus from lack of control by holding a fear, to bravely and courageously facing the fear, you will no longer create situations to trigger it.  Namely because there is nothing left to trigger. 

When you can do this, you become more free and better able to manifest the positive things that you focus on.  Consider this, if you are so fearful of loss and abandonment and yet you are trying to create wealth and community, how do you think your success will go?  What you focus on whether consciously or unconsciously, you will create.  You are in charge, more so than you truly know.  So now, understand that the choice is yours.  What do you want to manifest and would you prefer to create this manifestation in alignment with the totality of your being positively or not?  Seek the truth within you first, find and heal your fears with love and then you can begin to intentionally create with much more success. ~Blessings of courage, healing and love.

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  1. Most of the time, I was, but now having gone through the darkness, and the Divine assistance in manifesting right, things looks different definitely - but yes, still learning to rise beyond the inner fears.

    1. There are so many who walk thier paths creating self-fulfilling prophecy in fearful behavior...someitmes with no awareness. We all create in this way, without awareness but once we become aware, the battle is half won...we then can gain access to those precious seconds of choice we so need to manifest differently. Blessings my amazing friend. :)