Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rising Elation

The quality of the light as it played across cerulean blue was beyond description.  You had to feel it to truly see it; become part of it in order to truly appreciate it.  Somewhere deep down inside the beauty captured perfectly in my field of vision shifted the stress and worry of the day into a bliss I've not felt in a little while.  November skies are my favorite.  The colors more rich, the depths more expansive and the colors seemingly so surreal. 

We exist in a beautiful place should we ever decide to take a moment to perceive that.  We often don't -- caught up in trivial human dramatics that won't even be remembered one hundred years from now.  I think I understand why we choose such experiences.  We merely wish to feel life in any form we can tend to manifest at any given moment in time.  I'm stretched thin in my existence of late and it's creating far flung thoughts that surely must have circled the moon and crashed straight into the heart of me.  I'm  feeling a bit inebriated along with my rising elation from the pure magical beauty of this light.  But I notice there too are the shadows that contrast and etch it ever more finely so as to be clearly and crisply discernible.  I am at once lost in a sea of slow moving clouds, floating on the tides of orangy pink light and gently washed across the sky with consciousness released from the depths of the normally unconscious part of my being.  Drifting weightless like a feather on a breeze my thoughts flow in and out, spin and turn and dissipate into the nothingness from which they came.  Holding any one of them seems completely absurd and so I don't.  I won't hold them but instead observe them dispassionately amazed at the speed with which they flood in and roll out.

The red light turns green and I must engage this body in corporeal motion again. A part of me sighs so deeply.  I wanted to come back but I didn't want to come back.  These cycles and circles, the games and lessons -- they never seem to change.  They repeat like a bad B movie stuck on shuffle sometimes.  Existence of late hasn't been all that unpleasant but everything has changed.  What seemed right now seems wrong. What seemed crazy now seems sane.  What I once wanted, now I don't know and so I just go on -- going through the emotions and routine motions of yet another extraordinary day in this beautiful paradise.

(c) Jaie Hart (photo copyright is as noted on photo)

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