Saturday, September 28, 2013

Intent, Trust and Manifestation

Rousing gently I saw the first golden rays of morning sunlight as I lay comfortably in bed.  I thought about going back to sleep but there was this feeling inside, this excitement for the sun, for existence and breathing in and out the finally cool morning air.  Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons from so far back in my existence.  Even as I sit here typing I gaze up and notice the fresh morning sunlight kissing the beautiful remnants of green leaves in the great big tree outside my living room window.  It's perfectly still and in a strange and wonderful way, I can feel its joy drinking in delicious sunlight to rejuvenate after a cool night's repose.  Projection much?  Yes, I suppose but I don't really care because the feeling is so beautiful I wish to really just become lost within it.

It's quiet here in my little part of the world despite the nearby hum of the freeway.  My consciousness focuses there a moment to feel the motion and quick pace with which travelers scurry quickly to reach some intended destination.  I've stood at the apex of the overpass near me many times of late feeling the rush of the speed of the cars passing below me while watching the setting sun.  In the dusky light after it sets, the head lights and tail lights glow like Christmas lights at night.  Some say city life is not beautiful but I think that beauty and seeing it clearly is always a simple matter of frame of mind.  A little known fact about me is that I see energy.  As cars whiz past me I can see the energy of the occupants too and even more, I can feel it.  Whether it's frenetic or peaceful, joyful or harried, happy or sad...I can feel it.  In such moments I call forth the flame of love within and send it out in such moments with thoughts of only love and peace, healing and compassion.  Why?  Because I like the way it feels.  When you send nothing but love out, guess what comes back?  That's right, the energy of love comes back and becomes evident in a slight upturn of the lips for no apparent reason.

I take great comfort in my surroundings no matter where they may be.  Life is alive.  Outside of the obvious "duh" that might cause to come forth in your thought process on reading this, understand there is much more to the statement.  There is a feeling behind it and knowing it is by far less satisfying than opening up the entirety of your being and feeling the energy of it to the very core of you.  We sometimes walk this Earth so mired in our troubles, lost to the dramas we create, participate or seemingly get sucked into that we forget to tap into that beautiful stream of I AM alive.  I AM period.

Life has been crazy busy for me of late and I realize as it sit here this morning just how much I have needed a quiet cool morning to reflect and contemplate feeling everything.  Over the summer I took on college enrollment and passed my first college class with a B.  If I had tried harder, I'd have gotten an A so when the next class came, I put a tiny bit more effort in and got an A.  My next class starts in just two weeks and I couldn't be more excited.  I thought going back to school would take up so much of my time, I'd be too stressed to even enjoy life. What I'm finding is that it's quite easy to fit college courses into my normal routine and the fulfillment it brings, learning new things, awh, it's just magical to me.  Just like everything else in existence in this moment.  Our state of mind and the thoughts that we think are what bring us the experience of positive or negative from an energetic-emotional state.  I was taught a lesson recently in joyfully setting an intent and letting go of the hows or the ways in which I might achieve it.  I was instantly rewarded just hours later.  I thought again about a much larger intent that I set in a pure state of love and was rewarded just months later in the very same way....trusting my intent to manifest perfectly.  I realize now the way things work and now I see how unlimited we truly are.  Our thoughts limit our ability to fully experience our lives here in this frame work in a beautiful way.  It's good to find quiet moments for contemplation of feeling and really learning to feel the endlessness and infinite nature of your possibilities for manifestation.

All week I thought of nothing else but a quiet cool morning to collect my thoughts and write.  Thus my excitement as my eyes gently opened early this morning in the cool half light of a just rising sun.  Up, up, up, I thought...shower,, now bliss!  Life is truly wonderful if you make it so.  Life can be terribly tragic if you make it so.  The comedies and tragedies of this play of life that we create are so amazing.  We must dig much deeper than the superficiality of the ego to understand its intricacies.  Once you begin to understand and start testing your new knowledge in joyful and bliss-filled ways, smiles for miles will be an incredible experience for you.  I hope that you are planning a wonderful weekend filled with joy...even if in the stillness and silence of no concrete plans at all.  Listen very closely in those moments of silence for it is during such times that the very heart of your soul will whisper sweet words of encouragement and love for you. ~Blessings for a beautiful day beautiful dreamers.  I wish you love.  I wish you joy.  I wish you infinite happiness.

(c) 2013 Jaie Hart (photo/words)

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