Thursday, February 18, 2010

Your Thoughts-- Your Choices. Make them good.

The world is a canvas on which I paint my hopes and dreams. Some days I use broad strokes of vivid color and others, short soft strokes with gentle pastels. It’s amazing how the colors of life become surreal in that one moment when you realize that life isn’t something that merely happens to you, it’s something that you are and everything else around you IS. Two people can take in the same view and yet their perceptions may agree on points and disagree on others. Why do you think that is? Perception is more than half of your experience here in the Earth school. Are you aware that you have the power to change your perception? Are you aware that you can create a new view by changing only your thoughts?

Start simple. Take a negative perception. What about what you are perceiving is negative? Take a scene where you come in half way and you see a man shouting at a woman and her looking fearful. You do not know the moments that came before and only believe you know the moments to come after. You think you see this scene in a certain way. But, what if in the moments before you came onto the scene, the woman had been beating the man with a frying pan or a stick, would your perception of the scene change? Maybe not a good example but you get the idea. You only perceive what your filters of experience lead you to believe you are seeing. This line of thinking is not intended to make you doubt yourself. This line of thinking is intended to make you ask yourself, “Am I seeing what is real or am I seeing only what I wish to see?” Do you understand how important that distinction is?

Let’s look at another example. Your spouse comes home and is snappish and unkind and it hurts your feelings because you do not understand the scenes that came before. You retaliate and yell back, try to hurt as you were hurt. But what if in the frames before the initial scene when your spouse came home snappish, he or she was witness to an unsettling event or discussion, had a bad day at work or is suddenly questioning his or her own existence? You cannot see what is going on inside of him or her unless you have become very astute at empathy or clairvoyance. So, when someone acts in pain and you add more pain, what do you have? Two negative energy patterns vibrating in the same space. What do you think that space is going to feel like? I do not intend to excuse snappish behavior but let’s be realistic, it happens to us multi-tasking humans more often than we’d like to admit. So, say a friend is snappish with you and you are comfortable in your relationship and with yourself and you’re are quite certain you’ve done nothing to deserve such behavior so you decide to perceive the situation as something that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the experience of the snappish family member, spouse or friend? You can be in a position of power, power to make healthy choices and power to ask yourself, “Am I seeing what is real or am I seeing only what I wish to see?” You might choose in such a situation not to react. In such a case you have a negative vibration and a positive vibration in the same space. Either side can choose to vibrate like the other at any time but negative vibrations are draining, not worth it and make the canvas that is your world, dull, gray, sharp and painful to view.

We choose so much of what we experience in the world by way of our thoughts. We don’t even realize that we choose our thoughts and when we let them run rampant unfettered in the negative, we become jaded, our vibrations become dense, low and negative in nature. When we allow ourselves to remain in a state of low, dense and negative vibration, what do you think the universe will bring us more of? You guessed it, more people and situations to help you maintain a lower, more dense and negative vibration. It is a choice and you must always focus on whether you are seeing with clarity and certainty or if your ego is filtering through negative, insecure and painful experience thus lowering your vibration. If you feel stuck in a negative or low vibration get out into nature, notice anything beautiful, notice anything peaceful and breathe in that moment. Call a positive friend and ask for some help to cheer you up if you want. You can read an uplifting book or watch something positive on TV (believe it or not, there are positive choices on TV). Just do something that makes you feel good, whatever that is.

Just some food for thought this morning. Get out there and paint your world in rainbows of color, vibrate at the highest frequency possible by smiling, holding compassion above contempt and retaliation and smiling just for the simple fact that you are alive. The universe will reward you with a sphere filled with higher vibrating situations and people to help lift you up and hold you up.
Man blessings, love and light!

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