Saturday, February 13, 2010

Morning Contempations

I woke up gently this morning in the dark, went about my normal morning routine and stepped outside at 5:30 a.m.  It was beginning to grow light and the birds were singing so sweetly.  I love this time of year.  The grip of Winter’s slumber slowly begins to loosen, the days begin to grow longer and the flowers do begin to bloom (at least here in sunny Southern, California).  We have about one more month of Winter and Spring begins-- one of my favorite times of year.  Thinking too far ahead robs the now so I gently come back to the moment at hand…it’s cool out, stars still twinkling a bit, the aroma of fresh coffee brewing and silence in my home as everyone else is still quietly dreaming.  I treasure these moments.  I use them as a morning meditation.  My mind begins to move very quickly in the morning and I use these "outside appreciation sessions" as I call them, to recount all of those amazing things in life I’m really grateful for.
Gratitude is an amazingly powerful thing.  Without gratitude, you can’t really create anything good in your world and you do have the power to create good in your world.  I have seen positive thinking and gratitude manifest money, jobs, significant others, new cars, peace, healing and so much more.  So, as a first hand witness, I believe in maintaining a state of gratitude and continual silver lining searching!
Speaking of silver linings, so many are seeing the approach of St. Valentine’s Day tomorrow as a very negative thing—a reminder that they are alone without someone to love and hold on this day we celebrate love.  For those of you in this position, stop thinking negative, perceiving lack, and allowing thoughts of jealousy to ruin your day.  Whenever you decide you do not want to be alone, you will draw the right relationship to you.   For tomorrow, I challenge you to wake up with a smile, to acknowledge yourself as a loving and wonderful human being who has a right to be here and who deserves to have the perfect significant other in his or her life.  Believe that you will, imagine the traits that you want in the positive only, see yourself walking hand-in hand with that significant other and smiling.  Know that he or she will be right there just as soon as he or she finishes the work they must in order to begin a new life with you.  So, go out and buy yourself something wonderful for Valentine’s Day to celebrate your hope.  Buy yourselves a coffee mug with a heart on it to remind yourself of what you wish to draw to you, buy some flowers, some candy—something to remind you of what you are ready to receive and smile knowing you will have it and very soon.  Don’t become disheartened and don’t wait for someone to drop through your ceiling and land on your couch.  Get out there where he or she might be and do fun things, things that make you feel good, things that make you happy and you will draw the right someone to you.

I hope tomorrow is a pleasant and beautiful day for you.  I hope you are surrounded by the love of family and friends, and very special friends (if ya know what I mean) and if you aren't, don't worry, I will imagine you happily walking hand-in-hand with them very soon!  Make it a great day whether attached or not and think positive thoughts and be grateful!

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