Friday, May 15, 2009


All that came before this moment flies behind me like the wake of a ship on the sea. An equal aspect flows out for the things that are yet to come. At this point, zero point, this moment there is nothing at all. There is no pain. There is no anger. There is no fear. There is no frustration. There is this feeling of completion and beginning juxtaposed. It is quite peaceful and if I breathe into this moment, I can feel the light returning to my core sense of being. Such moments of awareness are rare for me because I don't slow down long enough to NOT think and NOT do and NOT be fearful.

These patterns repeat, love, fear, pain. They are part of the same circle joined by other descriptions with various origins and degrees. I am in my body experiencing what this moment feels like but at the same time, I am outside of myself watching the moment unfold (and no I am not on psychedelic drugs...LOL). This space is completely neutral. It is balanced perfectly between love and pain so that each cancels each other out. For one mending a broken heart, this is a beautiful place to feels real and it feel alive and it feels authentic, no judgment...just pure existence.

When dealing with pain we can be in the throes of it and try to fight what it is that's trying to get us but that only makes it worse. When you give up the fight and let the pain settle over your soul and breathe it in, it will leave you much more quickly and when it does, the space the pain existed in will fill with peace, calm, serenity. Have you ever noticed? It's true, at least in my experience. It feels really amazing.

I think I shall take advantage of the moment and turn in for some well-deserved rest. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day, like yesterday, like today. Perspectives will come and go, change and descend but the peace is there whenever we need it. Just something I learned this week. Peace out!

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