Monday, May 4, 2009

Choosing Wisely

I choose my battles…
Carefully, most often.
Energy is a precious thing
And I need it just to get by.
What to do when someone challenges you
For choosing battles
Calling you weak?
It hurts and I don’t like it.
But I refuse to change who I am.
I assert myself where I deem appropriate,
Not before or when others believe I should do so.
I hold kindness and compassion as strengths…
Not weakness.
I hold love above confrontation.
Confrontation doesn’t equal communication,
And I communicate just fine.
Why won’t people leave me alone,
Let me be instead of attack my peaceful ways?
I’m no coward…again, I choose my battles.
I don’t understand.
Is the world so cruel, really?
Maybe not the world…
Maybe some people were bullied so..
That they know no other way to communicate.
That is not my battle,
Nor will I spend energy defending myself.
Think what they will.
I’m happy with who I am…
With what I have accomplished.
I just wish I had a little more faith,
To trust 100% that they are wrong.
Thus, a battle of sorts I do choose…
Consideration, contemplation.
My history betrays a moment when I had no voice…
For my younger years I was not permitted to speak
And I learned it was not necessary…
Everything seemed an ego battle any way.
I’m no victim of anyone or anything…
Just a soul, trying to understand,
Considering whether I’ve chosen not to defend wisely.
I believe I have…
And should I lose a friend who thinks me weak,
I’m afraid I had no friend in that soul to begin with.
That’s the sad part.
But life is full of comings and goings, lessons and learning…
No matter how painful.
I resign myself to make no change,
And I decide knowingly,
Fully aware of my approach,
And the success and beautiful rewards I’ve been given.

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